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Browser extension Recommended

Don't miss a beat! The daily.dev chrome extension keeps you in the loop with a quick glance at your browser. Seamless integration with your daily workflow. Get the most out of daily.dev when you add it as an extension to your browser.

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Web app

Drag the bookmarklet button below to the bookmarks bar to add daily.dev to your bookmarks bar (or just use the web app). There you have it, no download needed. We still think the extension is better, but this is also great 😜

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iPhone & iPad

Just like an iOS app but better. Open daily.dev on your browser, click the share icon, and chose "Add to Home Screen", daily.dev magic is now at your fingertips.

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Progressive web app (PWA)
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Google play

Download our Android app on Google Play. Now you can read up and get smarter during meetings. See? They're not a waste of time after all.

daily.dev Browser Extension

Browser Extension

Stay updated on on the best developer news every new tab

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