Special Birthday Giveaway!

Giving 100 packs of awesome stickers FOR FREE!

Want to win free stickers?

We are giving away free sticker packs to 100 developers at the end of our birthday week!
To participate, invite your friends with your referral link below. Once they sign up, you'll get referral points.
Top 100 users with the most referral points will automatically win a free sticker pack! Leaderboard below.

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Questions and answers 🧐

I invited friends, but my referral count didn't go up. Why?


Every friend you invite has to install the daily.dev browser extension using your unique referral link. Once they installed and signed up, your referral count will increase. If they already had the daily.dev browser extension installed or already signed up before you invited them, it will not count.

I already referred people in the past. Why my referral count is showing 0?


That is a special one-time giveaway we do to empower the community. We want to give a fair chance for everyone to participate and win. The birthday giveaway is taking place just during this week, and afterward, we will go back to the previous system of giving away a free t-shirt every 48 hours.

When we revert to the free t-shirt giveaway, your referral count will go back to it's previous value (in addition to the count you'll get during the birthday week).

How many friends do I need to invite?


To participate in this giveaway, invite at least one friend that installed and signed up to daily.dev. Once your friend signed up, you're automatically taking part in the list of potential winners. However, only the top 100 users will get the stickers by the end of the week. Therefore, we encourage you to invite more than one friend daily.dev as it will increase your chances of winning dramatically.

How do you choose the winners? When do you announce?


The top 100 users who reached the highest referral count will win a free stickers pack. Winners will be announced by the end of this week (check the countdown above).

If you won, you'll receive an email notification with the details required to claim your free stickers pack.