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2023 is finally over, let’s wrap it up!

2023 is finally over, let’s wrap it up!
Nimrod Kramer
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We’re wrapping up a great year at and want to share the most meaningful things we’ve built for our users and give some nods to the future. Squads has probably been our most ambitious new feature, allowing devs to build communities around great content. In 2024, we’re looking forward to building them out more and letting everyone create a public Squad for great dev content. Search has also been a major effort to let devs research and find the answers they seek in a concise and efficient way (invite for closed beta below!). We list and link some other great features that have been built by the team. Wishing everyone a great 2024 of breaking production.

Hey there, 

We all know that being a developer is choosing a life of suffering. A moment before heading out for holiday breaks, we wanted to look back and share a few of the things we’ve shipped over 2023 to make developer life a bit less 💩


About 6 months ago, we launched what’s probably our most ambitious and far-reaching feature: Squads. Squads allow you to create a developer community on that’s centered around dev content. Since launching, we’ve seen over 3,000 Squads launched, with just under 30,000 users joining at least one of them. 

In 2024, we’re looking forward to adding a lot more to Squads, making them a vault for curation and community in a range of niche dev topics. We’re also going to make a lot of noise with public Squads, allowing almost anyone to create one, and gain exposure on so that those people who create and curate great dev content can ride the wave. 

If you haven’t joined one yet, check out our Squads directory

Search Search is an AI-based Search built for developers: up-to-date, concise, and right there within for your convenience. 

2023 will forever be remembered as the year of AI, and we’re fascinated by how AI can serve developers going forward. While there are tons of AI tools out there for your code, is all about taking you one step forward as a dev, and for us, that means making it easier for you to find answers, research new things and be better. Search is still in closed beta mode, but for those of you who read this far, you can find an invite right here

There’s more…

These are just a couple of big moves. Beyond these, there have been dozens of product updates and features like: 

We’re also lucky to have raised a seed round of $11M (🤑) so that we can keep on breaking production and bringing value to developers. 

On a cheesy note, let me take this opportunity to thank you, our incredible community, for your feedback, support, and love. To our team and partners for all the hard work you’ve put in this year. 

At, we’re building a home for a new developer culture: one that pushes the boundaries and puts passion, creativity, bleeding-edge innovation, collaboration, and learning front and center. This is what we believe it takes to be a great developer. 

I wish you all a great 2024, one in which you get that much closer to greatness or, at the very least, have some fun trying. 

Happy New Year, 

Nimrod, CEO @

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