Alpine.js v3, Ubuntu 21.04, Fower v1 - Picks #177

 Ido Shamun
Alpine.js v3, Ubuntu 21.04, Fower v1 - Picks #177


This was such a busy week!
So many releases and launches that you gotta check out.

And we also hosted The Monthly Dev #4 in case you missed it.

Alpine JS v3

🤫 Tony from DevDojo shares insider information about the upcoming release of Alpine.js v3

Ubuntu 21.04: What's New? [Video]

✨ We have another release this week and it's Ubuntu 21.04. Check out this video for the nitty-gritty of the release.

Fower v1.0

🥳 Fower is an opinionated runtime styling library. This week they launched their v1.0 which is always exciting and they share all about it.

Common Hobbies Of Programmers That Improves Their Coding Skills

🎸 A list of popular hobbies among developers. I highly encourage you to find a hobby you love whether it's from the list or not. It's great for your well-being.

Everyone Can Get Certified!

🏅 GitLab launches a new inclusive program that will allow everyone to get certified for free! And it's not only the certification itself but also the learning platform which is free.

What is the Best Way to Build a Login Page?

🕵️‍♀️ An article that covers two methods for implementing a login page and considers the differences.

Write Great APIs

🎧 A podcast about the best practices of building APIs. It includes an introduction to what API is, general tips, and the current state of work.

Best Tricks to Make Your Node.js Web App Faster

🚀 Some fundamental tips to developing web applications in Node.js.

Clerk - Secure your React or Next.js application in 5 minutes

🔒 Clerk is a new platform for authentication and user management in the React ecosystem. It also features a generous free plan.

How to Use Side Projects to Build a Career You Can Be Proud of

🤩 This is such a great article about side projects! It highlights a different aspect about them than the usual side-project articles.


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