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Announcing an exclusive badge on Hashnode!

Announcing an exclusive badge on Hashnode!
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We have some fascinating news to share with you! 🎁 You probably already saw the latest announcement of the new integration between and Hashnode. This integration is a big step for driving traffic to independent bloggers worldwide.

In case you haven’t heard already, Hashnode is the easiest way for developers to start a blog on a personal domain for free and connect with a central dev community. If you blog, make sure to check them out!

Today the Hashnode + integration is making a big step forward!

Announcing a brand new exclusive badge on Hashnode! After lengthy discussions between our team and the incredible founders of Hashnode, we decided that it makes sense to let bloggers on Hashnode get recognition for their achievements, such as being featured on the feed 💪🏼

Want to see it in action?

The first lucky blogger who got the new “Featured on” badge is...

Chris Bongers, who wrote the article Don't overcomplicate git 🙇 Make sure you check out his post and congratulate him!

Why is it a big deal for indie bloggers?

For a long time, we’ve been thinking about how we can provide a proper stage for personal bloggers on alongside the A-list tech magazines. 

It’s a complicated task, but we believe we found a solution through this fantastic partnership with Hashnode! From now on, independent bloggers can have it all:

  • Have their blog hosted under their own domain.
  • Publish valuable content ridiculously easily.
  • And... get a bunch of traffic through the and Hashnode networks!

So how can you get the “Featured on” badge?

Get your article picked by

  • Unlock your blog on Hashnode, if you haven't done so already
  • Publish your articles as usual
  • If it gets sufficient reactions from the Hashnode community, it will be automatically picked up by

Getting your article featured on

Once every 24 hours, we will pick one article from the Hashnode network that got the most significant engagement and recognition through the community. The selection process is entirely automatic, and the featured post will be selected based on a combination of:

  • Upvotes received on
  • Unique views of users

After an article gets featured, the lucky author will get a notification on Hashnode that their article got featured on! Here’s how it looks like:

What’s next?

We are cooking more awesome things for you! We care about the developers’ community and want to make knowledge sharing easier and accessible than ever before. That’s our mindset, and we can’t wait to tell you more soon! Stay tuned 🚀

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