🏆 Best of Web Development - Weekly Picks #138

Weekly Picks
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🌟 This week we have 2 product launches, javascript tutorials, react news, and more!
As always, all posts were ranked by daily.dev community. Shout out to all the authors. 👏

So, let's get it started.

1️⃣ Best Easy Practices of Javascript

🥇 A few best practices you can apply immediately to make sure you are in-line with the latest Javascript advancements and to reduce memory usage. As an example, prefer let and const over var and use destructuring when possible.

2️⃣ Netflix Starts New VFX Platform

🎬 Netflix launched a new platform for VFX (Visual Effects) artists and vendors to collaborate and create content together. It is currently in beta but it's great news for all Netflix subscribers.

3️⃣ 5 of the Best Themes for VS Code

🎨 Are you looking to refresh the looks of your VS Code? Here is a list with 5 popular themes, and also instructions on how to get them. The list includes Material, Atom One Dark, One Monokai, Dracula, and Winter Is Coming

4️⃣ Awesome Landing Page

📝 A massive list of references to landing pages. The list includes open source projects, off-the-shelf templates and tutorials.

5️⃣ include.ai - Web automation for everyone

A brand new Chrome Extension that will help you to automate manual work you do on the web. There is currently a waiting list. By looking at their video, the extension is mainly focused on scraping data and automations around this concept. 🤖

6️⃣ How to write cleaner code with JavaScript

🏗 Following the article at the top, this piece is focused only on destructuring. Every use case of destructuring is covered there.

7️⃣ How to use git as a standup tool

🧍‍♀️ This is a brilliant tool that I was not aware of! git standup prints git commit messages grouped by author and filtered by time. Now you can rest assured you will not miss anything you worked on.

8️⃣ Billionaire Jeff Bezos just broke the record for the most billions added in a single day

💰 I'm not used to seeing "juicy" articles in this list but Jeff Bezos really nailed it. He earned $13 billion USD in a single day.

9️⃣ Previewed - Beautiful mockups & graphics for your next app

⚙️ Previewed will generate super looking mockups and promotional graphics for your app. Every app store out there requires these graphics and if you don't have a designer it can be a headache. Previewed earned the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

🔟 Adobe launches a React-specific design system

🤖 The title is a bit misleading but this actually an issue of React Status newsletter. In this issue, Adobe launches React Spectrum, official Redux tutorials, Apollo client 3.0, and more.

🙌 Wrap Up!

That was all for this week. We will come back with another list of interesting development posts next week.


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