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Who is this announcement for? 

✏️ Do you write blog posts for developers?

🔭 Have you ever seen your blog post picked up by feed?

🚗 Did you wonder how much traffic your post got through

👽 Do you believe in UFOs? Just kidding.

If you answer yes to all of these questions, this article is going to make your day!

Introducing a whole new set of features for authors!

In this blog post, we will cover:

  1. Why should you claim ownership of an article you wrote?
  2. How to claim ownership of articles you write?
  3. How to get your article picked up by

Let’s get started. 🚀

Why should you claim ownership of an article you wrote?

Get notified when your post got picked by

At the end of the day, we all write for a particular audience. Engaging with your readers in real-time can make the difference between a memorable article and a forgotten one. Even more, getting notified in real-time will enable you to encourage a meaningful discussion about the blog post you wrote. That way, you can increase your readership and create a long-lasting relationship with your audience. 

Get an exclusive author badge

Whenever you comment on a post you wrote, you’ll be able to see your exclusive author badge. Simple yet awesome. If you invested time in writing an article, you deserve some recognition.

See it in action:

Get an analytics report for every post that got picked up

We never met authors who are not curious about their blog post’s stats. Today, we bring a missing piece for any post who got picked up by If your article got picked up by, you could now expect to get a complete analytics report within 24 hours or so. 

Gain reputation points and build up your profile

In case you’ve missed it in our previous announcements, here’s a brief about What is reputation? How do I earn it?

We completely redesigned the profile to fit a new special section for your articles. That’s a great way to show your achievements to the world. And the best part? For every upvote your article earns, you will receive a +1 reputation point!

How to claim ownership of articles you write?

Step 1 - Go to your profile on

Step 2 - Click “Account Details”

Step 3 - Add your Twitter handle

How to get your article picked up by

  • Publish guest articles on publications or blogs that are included in the exclusive source list of
  • Publish articles on developer blogging platforms such as Hashnode or DEV.
  • Submit a new and original article to Here's the detailed process on how to submit a story. Please read the instructions carefully before submitting a guest post.

Wrap up

  1. We have many new features made especially to empower authors.
  2. Authors get notified when their articles are picked by feed.
  3. Authors get an exclusive badge when they comment.
  4. Authors get an analytics report for every post they wrote that got picked up by
  5. Authors can gain reputation points by earning upvotes on their articles.
  6. Claiming ownership on future posts you write is extremely easy. Just add your Twitter handle to your profile, and you’re all set.

Still, have some questions?

If you seek further assistance, reach out to us on Twitter using the @dailydotdev handle.


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