Clean Architecture, 5 VS Code Hacks, Rust and WebAssembly - Picks 188

 Ido Shamun
Clean Architecture, 5 VS Code Hacks, Rust and WebAssembly - Picks 188


Clean Architecture Example & Breakdown

🧹 An introduction article to clean architecture with C# and .NET.

5 Visual Studio Code Hacks That You Will Thank Me For (And They're Not Common Points Like "Install Prettier Extension")

🧑‍💻 The author mentions a few unique tips for VS Code. The list includes changing the comments color, generating custom snippets, and more.

Reusability patterns in React

♻️ An extensive article that compares most of React design patterns to keep your code lean and to increase reusability.

How to have a productive programming day

🔋 Staying productive throughout the day is a difficult task. Hopefully you can find in this article some tips to help you out with that.

Why Developers Like React Native in 2021

😻 An overview article of the advantages of React Native.

Getting started with PeerJS

⚡️ PeerJS is a JavaScript library that hides the complexity of WebRTC. Learn how to use it and what you can build with WebRTC.

Rust on the front-end

🤯 Did you know that you can run Rust on the browser? Now you can using WebAssembly. Try it out.

Advanced Dependency Injection in React

😎 Dependency injection has several advantages but is rarely used in React. This article lists a few libraries that can help you out with DI.

How to Use IndexDB to Manage State in JavaScript

IndexDB is an async browser storage that can store a lot of data. This is a walkthrough that shows how to build a persistent state manager just like Redux and Vuex.

Glass UI Generator - CSS generator from glassmorphism

🍷 A new product that generates CSS code snippets based on the glassmorphism guidelines.

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