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The Companion Widget

The Companion Widget
Graham Ritchie
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The companion allows you to upvote, comment and bookmark articles from the feed directly on an article! Have a play with the companion app, then leave a comment letting us know what you think!

You have successfully activated the companion!

You should now see the companion widget on the right side of the page!

If you don't see it, please visit the help section in the companion docs to trouble shoot.

Companion Widget Overview Video

Give the companion widget overview video a watch if you haven't already and see what new super powers it gives you!


All of the features you are used to seeing in are now available directly within an article!

illustration of where the different sections are that are mentioned below.

On the left of the companion widget you will see 5 buttons:

  1. Collapse / Open- collapse the companion or open it again to read the TLDR; view the comments etc.
  2. Upvote - let people know that you loved this article and help more people discover it in the feed
  3. Comment - share your thoughts with the community, add any interesting information or even point out any issues with the article (politely)
  4. Bookmark - add this article to your bookmarks so you can find it easily in the future!
  5. Options - this opens a drop down where you can view the discussion on, share the article, report an article, give us feedback or disable the widget entirely!

1. Collapse / Open and TLDR screen

Clicking on the collapse / open button will minimize and restore the companion widget.

You can still access the buttons to upvote, comment, bookmark etc. when the companion is minimized.

Above the TLDR is the logo (A), which will take you back to the feed when clicked, and a copy URL button (B) so you can quickly copy the url to access the page about this article and share it with others.

When the companion is open you will see the TLDR for the article (C), to give you a quick overview of what to expect.

You will also see the number of upvotes (D) and comments (E) on the article.

Clicking on the comments button will open the discussion for the article so you can see what others have said!

Clicking the comments button again will collapse the comments.

2. Upvote

Clicking on the upvote button will add your vote for the article to

This helps the best articles rise to the top of the feed, helping other developers discover an interesting or useful article.

Clicking on the button again will remove your upvote.

3. Comment

Clicking on the comment button will open the comment modal.

location of the different sections mentioned below.

A quick overview:

  1. You can switch to the writing tab at any point to create and edit your comment
  2. Enter your comment (we support markdown) into the text box
  3. You can also tag other people who use in your comment using the @mention feature
  4. Back at the top you can switch to the preview tab to make sure your comment looks awesome!
  5. Click on the "Comment" button to share your thoughts with the community!

The modal will automatically close once you have submitted your comment.

4. Bookmark

Clicking on the bookmark button will add this article to your bookmarks so you can easily find it later!

Clicking on the button again will remove the article from your bookmarks.

5. Options

Clicking on the options button will show a drop down with the following options:

  1. View discussion - view the discussion on the web app
  2. Share the article - share the article via social media, email, WhatsApp etc.
  3. Report - Is the article NSFW? Is there a problem with it? Is it spam? etc. Please let us know so we can remove it from our feed
  4. Give us feedback - love something (or hate something 😱) about, let us know, we love hearing from you!
  5. Disable widget - if for some reason you do not like the companion, you can disable it here.

Privacy and documentation.

If you need further information on privacy, how to activate the companion or want to know how to report a bug you found, please check out the companion docs

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