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Update: this post was an April Fools' gig and therefore shouldn't be taken seriously anymore 🥷

Everyone is building a Clubhouse clone right now, but for it makes perfect sense. That’s true especially for the developers community! 

With everyone stuck at home searching for efficient ways to stay updated on the latest programming news,’s appeal exploded. We’ve seen a new behavior during the pandemic as the inspiration for Fireside Chat rooms, a new feature that will allow our community members to hop on voice chats about the hottest news.

Fireside Chat by

Why now?

Drop-in audio chatting is already a big thing in social media. It’s been there for the past months on so many platforms. The trend started with Clubhouse itself, evolving to Twitter Spaces. Facebook also announced its intention to launch a similar feature in the near future. What really inspired us to go ahead and build it is the recent announcement of both LinkedIn and Discord who are rolling out their own versions of the famous drop-in audio concept. 

What are Fireside Chats?

Our new kind of audio chat will be useful for stuff like voice-based discussions on trending news, AMAs and interviews. Fireside Chats will surface an ongoing activity that’s already happening on in the form of textual discussions. However, with Fireside Chats it will be much easier to run and engage in conversations. We believe this new feature can bring all of our community to be a bit closer to each other. 

Fireside Chats will continue’s existing vibe. Each fireside Chat will have a title and can be linked to a trending news currently on the platform. In terms of moderation it will be much like what you already know from Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. The main difference though is that daily dev’s Fireside Chats are available on the web. That way everyone can join! Regardless of the device you're using, both on mobile and desktop. 

How to start a Fireside Chat?

Fireside Chats will start rolling out soon. Opening a new FireSide Chat will be available only to users who gained certain reputation points. However, joining an existing room will be open for all. The reason we decided to set a reputation threshold is to be on the safe side in terms of the community’s vibe. People who already gained high reputation have been proving themselves trustworthy by our community members. 

Wrap up

Today we are announcing a new Clubhouse-like feature for the community called “Fireside Chats”. It’s a new way for our community to interact on the latest programming news. If you have gained substantial reputation points on, make sure to stay tuned for an email invitation. 

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