Developer Advocate? 🥑 needs you

 Ido Shamun
Developer Advocate? 🥑 needs you

🎯 is looking for a Developer Advocate!

We're running as 3 people in a full-time job for over a year now. We managed to triple our user base in a year, and it's a perfect time to expand our team.
We have an ambitious mission and tons of new ideas. If you love what we do, it's a great chance to join on board and make an impact on the developers' community.

What will you do?

  • Write. In this role, you’ll spend a significant amount of time writing key pieces of documentation and blog posts.
  • Engage. Take part in discussions happening inside our product and ignite new ones.
  • Nurture a community. Manage our social media pages, GitHub Discussions, and start a new Discord channel.
  • Influence. Advocate for the needs of our developer community, and bring their feedback back to the product and engineering teams.
  • Become a product expert. Steep yourself in the experiences that developers have when using, and champion ease, clarity, and transparency when enabling those developers.

100% Remote is a remote company with flexible working hours. We're open for applications from wherever you are! 🌍

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