Document Your Architecture, Distortion Effect, Web3, Projen - Picks 182

 Ido Shamun
Document Your Architecture, Distortion Effect, Web3, Projen - Picks 182


Useful VS Code Extensions For Web Developers

🔥 I know that every day dozen of lists like this are published. But this article is by far the best one I've seen lately. It's well organized and extensive.

How to document your architecture?

📝 Learn the best practices for documenting the architecture. What is the C4 model, how to model your database, etc.

Create distortion effect in images using ThreeJS + React + GSAP

✨ The author adapts an existing WebGL distortion effect into a React application. This effect is rad!

How to Build Super Mario Bros, Zelda, and Space Invaders with Kaboom.js

👾 Ania nails it again with another fabulous course. This time she introduces Kaboom.js and teaches how to build classic games with JavaScript.

A Sine wave animation using React with Canvas API

🌊 A cool example of how to use the Canvas element to simulate a Sine wave.

Web3: A New Web for a New World

🤖 Web3 is a different kind of web that we currently know. It's decentralized and offers endless opportunities. Learn all about it.

How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You” in an Interview?

😅 We all were asked this question during our interviews. It might seem naive, but there's so much behind it. Learn how to ace this question.

GitUI - Blazing fast terminal-UI for git written in Rust

🚀 A newly launched user interface for Git. It's a keyboard only, cross-platform solution that aims to help us run common Git commands faster.

An Open Source UI Component Library Built With React

🎨 Chrome is a new component library built with React and TypeScript. Check it out.

Projen: NodeJS project boilerplating

🤯 Projen sounds fascinating! It's a new tool for scaffolding projects. But, it keeps a state for your project so you can keep using it to generate more files or change the boilerplate. It's not a one-off tool.


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