🔥 Frontend with Docker, React, Python, and Moaaar — Weekly Picks #111

Saqib Ameen
🔥 Frontend with Docker, React, Python, and Moaaar — Weekly Picks #111


I hope you all had a great week! We are back once again with the weekly picks from Daily. A quick recap of last week before we begin:

🌟 Last week, we posted a survey to better understand the needs of developers. If you haven't filled it already, probably you should fill and get a chance to win free Daily swag.

Back to the weekly picks, it seems more like a week of frontend stuff. A lot of posts related to React, JavaScript, Node.js, and a special post on frontend with Docker. So, let's jump in! ⚡️

1️⃣ 7 Incredible Things You Can Do Using PHP In 2020

This post provides a unique perspective on PHP applications. It lists all the amazing things that you can build using PHP in 2020. If you use PHP for one purpose or another, I would definitely recommend this post to you. 💯

2️⃣ Frontend Development with Docker simplified

⚡️ Docker is a hot topic nowadays and something I am trying to learn as well. It makes your life a lot easier. If you are a frontend dev, who is looking to level up his game, check out this post.

3️⃣ Understanding Functional Programming in Javascript — A Complete Guide

🎖 Functional programming is the right way to do JavaScript. It makes building and maintaining applications a lot easier. It's a comprehensive guide that will help you understand the basic concepts and get started with this programming paradigm.

4️⃣ Math for Programmers!

💡 Probably it's is the second time this book is getting featured in the weekly picks of Daily. As a programmer, we don't really rely a lot on Maths on day to day basis. But in some very specific problems, we do need Maths. This book is to help you with those areas by learning Maths.

5️⃣ Create a simple POS with React, Node and MongoDB #1: Register and Login with JWT

This post is a part of a series from the last week. The first part of this series was also featured in the weekly picks of Daily. I said that previous week and I will repeat it again:

If you are learning MERN stack and want to build an application for your portfolio, this is a perfect guide for you. It's a detailed post to help you get started with the MERN stack by building a simple POS. 🙌

For your convenience, I have also linked the first post from the previous week here.

6️⃣ What the Heck is React Hooks?

Hooks are how we write React applications nowadays. If you are a React developer and still rely on classes, you should probably consider switching to hooks. This guide is a great start if you want to make a switch. 💯

7️⃣ I'm a professional React developer, and here's how I set up GitHub when deploying a React app to AWS S3

🚀 This post is the 8th part of a series named as Deploying the Microservices App. If you are looking forward to learning microservices architecture. This series could be a great start. The article contains links to all previous posts of the series as well.

8️⃣ Node.js VS Python: Which is Better?

🤞 Personally, I love both of these languages. Both are super fast and capable of probably doing almost everything. Still, both have their strong and weak parts. If you are interested in knowing the right application for these languages, read this post.

9️⃣ 6 Handy Regular Expressions Every Front-End Developer Should Know

🙌 Regex is hard. I struggle with it every time I have to use it. I have to rely on some cheatsheet or Stackoverflow if someone has already posted the regex for the particular thing. This post discusses the regular expressions which are mostly used by front-end developers.

🔟 Conditional Rendering Methods in React

👨‍💻If you are a frontend developer, no matter which framework you use, you know the importance of conditional rendering. There are multiple ways to achieve conditional rendering — totally depends on what you/your team prefer. This post discusses a few ways through which you can do conditional rendering in React.

🙌 Wrap Up!

This was all from the previous week. Let's know what you think of the trends this week in the comments below.

We will come back with another list of interesting development posts next week. Till then, peace! ✌️

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