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Google I/O 2024: Everything you should expect from Google’s upcoming developer conference

Google I/O 2024: Everything you should expect from Google’s upcoming developer conference
Nimrod Kramer
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Get ready for Google I/O 2024 with insights on Android 15, Pixel 8a, Gemini AI updates, new developer tools, and hardware rumors. Stay informed!

Quick Takeaway from Google I/O 2024

  • Android 15 Preview: Expect smarter operation with enhanced AI integrations, user experience refinements, making your phone quicker and more intuitive.
  • Pixel 8a Launch: A budget-friendly phone with top features like a new Tensor G3 chip, improved cameras, and Android 15 from the start, all expected at around $449.
  • Google Gemini AI Updates: More intelligent and responsible AI that understands complex queries better and offers safer, more accurate responses.
  • New Developer Tools: Updates to Android Studio, Firebase, and a preview of Flutter 3, aimed at making app development smoother and more efficient.
  • Hardware Rumors: Potential sneak peeks at Pixelbook 2, a new Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Watch 2, focusing on improved performance and user experience.

Google's annual developer conference, I/O 2024, is set to showcase the latest in technology, software, and hardware innovations. From a first look at Android 15 to the unveiling of the Pixel 8a, and updates on AI and developer tools, the conference aims to push the boundaries of what's possible in tech. Keep an eye on new gadgets and the continuous evolution of AI, ensuring they are both powerful and responsibly used.

Keynote Schedule

The main event starts on May 14th at 10AM Pacific Time. This is when Google shares the biggest news, and it lasts for about two hours.

Sundar Pichai, the boss of Google, will be there to talk about all sorts of things Google is working on, like the new Android 15, the latest Pixel phones and watches, and even some cool future projects Google is thinking about.

If you can't be there in person, don't worry. They'll stream it live so you can watch from anywhere. For those who are there, after the big talk, there are lots of smaller sessions, places to learn coding, meet-ups with Google's teams, and even parties to keep the fun going.

Android 15

Android 15 is coming out later this year, and Google I/O 2024 is the place where developers and folks who love tech will get a sneak peek at what’s new.

Enhanced AI Integrations

  • Android 15 is going to make your phone smarter. Think about your phone understanding you better and doing things faster. For example, a new chip might make voice commands quicker, notifications smarter, and help your phone get what you need without you having to spell it out.

  • We might see examples of how Android 15 uses smart tech to make setting up your phone easier, save battery life by learning how you use your phone, and give you more say over who can see your data.

  • Expect to see how Android 15 works smoothly with other smart Google services like the Assistant and Lens. This means you can do more things without jumping between apps because your phone understands what you want across different services.

User Experience Refinements

  • The Android team is always looking to make your phone easier to use. We might see new designs for menus and settings that make things less cluttered and more straightforward in Android 15.

  • There’s likely to be more focus on making sure you know what your phone is doing with your data. You might get new tools to keep your information private.

  • We could also see updates that make your phone look and feel more modern but still easy to use. The idea is to make small changes that make a big difference in how you use your phone.

With so many people using Android, even small improvements in Android 15 can make a big difference. Google I/O is where we’ll get the first look at these changes that aim to make your phone work better for you.

Pixel 8a Launch

At Google I/O 2024, we're likely to hear about the Pixel 8a. This phone is a more wallet-friendly option in the Pixel phone line, aiming to offer some of the best parts of more expensive phones without the high price tag.

Expected Upgrades Over Pixel 7a

The Pixel 8a is expected to come with:

  • A newer Tensor G3 chip for faster performance
  • Better cameras with new features for taking pictures
  • A sleeker look with smaller edges around the screen
  • Quicker charging
  • Android 15 right from the start

The price might stay around $449, like past Pixel A series phones, making the Pixel 8a a great deal.

Potential Downsides

To keep the price low, the Pixel 8a might not have everything perfect:

  • Its screen might be simpler, with a standard quality and speed
  • It might not feel as fancy in your hand because of cheaper materials
  • The battery might last a day but not much more

Even with these possible downsides, the Pixel 8a's cameras and smart features should still make it a solid choice.


The Pixel A series is all about bringing the best parts of Pixel phones to more people by making them more affordable. With the Pixel 8a, you can look forward to a faster chip, better cameras, and the latest Android 15, all making it an even better value. If you're watching your budget but still want a phone with great features, the Pixel 8a is worth waiting for.

Google Gemini Updates

Google talked about some new stuff for its Gemini AI at Google I/O 2024. Gemini is a smart tool by Google that can chat, answer questions, sum up info, and more.

Progress on Training and Model Refinement

  • Google has worked a lot on making Gemini smarter at understanding what we say. By looking at a huge amount of words and chats (over 400 billion!), Gemini can now get what you mean even when you ask complicated questions.

  • They've also made Gemini's brain better at thinking things through. This means it can connect ideas, figure stuff out, and give answers that make more sense.

  • They're always adding more info to Gemini's brain so it can explain how different things are linked when you ask about them.

Responsible AI Practices

  • Google is careful to make sure Gemini gives answers that are okay. They want to avoid any trouble like unfairness, mean content, or wrong info.

  • Before Gemini says anything, its answers are checked for being safe, true, and clear. Answers that don't make the cut help teach Gemini to be better.

  • People using Gemini can help make it better by liking good answers, reporting problems, and giving feedback. This way, Gemini learns what it needs to work on.

  • Gemini is clear when it's not totally sure about an answer or when it doesn't have enough info. This helps you know when to double-check.

As Gemini and tools like it get better, Google wants to make sure they're useful and safe. With all the learning Gemini is doing, it's getting smarter all the time.


Developer Tools and Resources

Google I/O 2024 is set to bring out a bunch of new tools and stuff for people who make apps, using Google's latest tech.

Android Studio Arctic Fox

We might hear about a new version of Android Studio called Arctic Fox. Here's what it could have:

  • Better support for Android 15, helping with things like asking for permissions, storing data safely, and keeping user info private.
  • New easy-start templates for making apps with Jetpack Compose.
  • Better tools for finding and fixing bugs, and making the emulator (which lets you test apps) run smoother.
  • Updates to make coding and building apps faster.

Arctic Fox is all about making it easier to use the newest Android stuff and speeding up how you make and test apps.

Firebase Updates

Firebase is super important for a lot of apps. We might see updates like:

  • New ways to log in, like using your face or fingerprint, to make apps more secure.
  • Better databases that let you do more complex stuff in real-time.
  • Making Cloud Functions (which run code without needing a server) handle more users and run faster.
  • Easier ways to make apps work with Android 15.

These updates would help make apps run smoother and do more cool things without a lot of extra work.

Flutter 3 Preview

Flutter is getting popular for making apps that work on both Android and iPhones. We're probably going to see a preview of Flutter 3 with stuff like:

  • Support for new stuff in Android 15 and iOS 17, like better widgets and notifications.
  • More plugins and packages to help cut down on repetitive coding.
  • Better tools for quickly changing and testing how an app looks.
  • Updates to make apps run faster and smoother.

For folks who want to make apps for both Android and iPhone without writing code twice, Flutter 3 could make things faster and easier.

The tools and resources at Google I/O are meant to help app creators be more efficient and make the most of Google's latest tech. Whether you're working with Android, Firebase, or Flutter, there should be some exciting new things to help you build cool apps.

Other Hardware Rumors

Here's a quick look at some other gadgets from Google we might learn about at Google I/O 2024.

Pixelbook 2

  • The Pixelbook is Google's fancy laptop, and it's been a while since we saw a new one.
  • There might be a new Pixelbook 2 with better parts like a quicker brain (processor), more memory (RAM), and updated plug spots (ports).
  • It'll probably still flip into a tablet and work with a pen, but they might add a bigger screen too.
  • If they announce it, expect it to come out later in 2024 and run on the latest Chrome OS 108 or something newer.

Pixel Tablet

  • There's talk that Google is making a new tablet to go with their Pixel phones.
  • This would be their first tablet in a while, since the Pixel Slate that used Chrome OS.
  • The Pixel Tablet might focus more on fun stuff and controlling smart home gadgets than on work.
  • It'll definitely show off how Android 12L or newer looks on big screens.
  • They might also have a new dock that turns it into something like a Nest Hub smart screen when you're not carrying it around.

Pixel Watch 2

  • Google just came out with their first Pixel Watch in 2022, but they might already be planning the next one.
  • We could get a quick look at the Pixel Watch 2 at I/O, even though it might not be ready to buy for a while.
  • They're likely to make the battery last longer, make it run smoother, and make it tougher based on what people have said.
  • There might be new updates to make it work better with Android 13 and the latest Wear OS.
  • We could also see new health trackers and more options for cellular service in the next Pixel Watch.

We're not sure if these products will show up, but I/O is always full of surprises. We'll just have to watch the keynote to find out if any of these rumors are true this year.

Wrap Up and Impressions

Google I/O 2024 is shaping up to be really exciting, with lots of new stuff coming from Google. We're going to see updates and new things across Google's gadgets and tools, like the Android 15, new ways to use AI, tools for people who make apps, and even rumors about new gadgets.

A big thing we're seeing is how Google is using AI more and more to make our gadgets smarter and our experiences better. This means things like your phone understanding you better and being able to do more cool stuff automatically. Google is also making sure to be careful with how they use our data and keeping things safe and private.

For people who make apps, Google's showing off new tools to help make building apps easier and faster. This is great because it means we can expect to see cooler apps coming out quicker.

On the gadget side, we're looking forward to the Pixel 8a, which sounds like it'll be a great phone that's not too expensive. There are also rumors about new gadgets like the Pixelbook 2 and a new Pixel Tablet, which show Google is thinking about all kinds of ways we use technology, not just on our phones.

The most exciting part might be the surprises we don't know about yet. But from what we do know, it's clear that AI is becoming a big part of how we use technology, and Google is working on making it easier for everyone to make and use cool tech. Keeping an eye on how they handle privacy and use AI responsibly will be important as these techs keep getting better.

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