🎯 How to Change the Feed Sorting in Daily?

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Have you ever wondered how articles are placed in Daily feed? How their location is decided? Probably not. We tend to miss those minor details quite often. This post is all about how the feed is managed in Daily and how you can sort it.

⚡️ Feed Sorting

By default, the feed is sorted by popularity of the article. We allow the users to sort their feed two ways:

  • By Popularity
  • By Publish Time

🔥 Popular Sorting

In popular sorting, the articles are ranked based on the number of views. If an article gets more attention, it'll be automatically ranked on top of your feed.

⏳ Recent Sorting

In recent sorting, the articles are ranked based on their publish time. Most recently published articles are shown on the top of your feed.

Switching Between Two

As mentioned earlier, by default the articles are sorted by popularity. But you can easily switch the mode in Daily. Check out the GIF below to learn how:

Change Feed Sorting

🙌 Wrap Up!

That's all about sorting in the Daily. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Stay safe. ✌️

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