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Best Practices

Here are a few awesome ways you can use this integration to automate your work and life:

  1. Publish a constant flow of curated content: Some times it’s just nice for your followers to have a flow of high-quality content on a regular basis. If you would rather be passive and not bookmark one article at a time, you can integrate your main feed RSS link with your Twitter account. That way you and your followers will receive a constant flow of curated articles right to your natural work environment. Obviously, we would highly recommend you to filter and personalize your feed based on your team’s interest using tags or by choosing specific sources. 
  2. Share relevant dev news with your followers: By subscribing to the Premium plan you are able to create custom lists of Bookmarks. The cool thing about it is that every list has its own unique RSS link! If you integrate this link to your Twitter feed, your followers will be able to get every article you save on that custom list on their feed! No more standard tweeting, once integrated, simply add an article to such custom list and your followers will get it. 

How to integrate to Twitter

Step 1 - Copy the RSS Feed link of your choice

Step 2 - Use Zapier to connect your RSS Feed to Twitter

Click on the following URL to go directly to the integration page on Zapier:

(Make sure you are logged to your user on Zapier or quickly sign up before you proceed)

Step 3 - Paste the RSS Link and test it

Check out this example:

Note: no need to add username and password. Your RSS link is open to use without it.

Step 4 - Connect your Twitter account

Here is how it’s done:

Click on “Turn on Zap” and that’s it.

Great! You’re all set!

Please note that it might take a couple of minutes for a new article to be tweeted to your Twitter feed. Are you still experiencing issues? please contact us at and we will provide you with a real human to help you resolve it.

Before you leave…

Integrations are available to users who are subscribed to the Premium plan. Don’t have it yet? Make sure you get it today! We offer a 14-day free trial for you to experience it before you decide to buy it.


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