How to Personalize Your Feed on Daily

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At the time of writing this post, Daily serves content from over 200+ sources. You don't want to read the content from all those sources. You definitely need the option to have more control over your feed so that you can consume the content you want. We understand that. 🤞

That's why we give you the option to completely customize your feed based on sources and tags. Below is a detailed guide on how.

⚡️ Sources on Daily

If you hover over the left sidebar of Daily, it will show you all the sources available to you. By default, all of the sources are selected and you get articles from all the sources. You can request new sources, remove sources from your feed, and even search through them.

Daily Sources

🗑 Remove Source From Your Feed

In order to remove a source from your feed, all you need to do is to click on the cross icon in front of the source name.

Remove Source From Daily

Once you have removed the source, you might want to add it sometime later. Well, you can undo it. It is also pretty simple. Scroll to the bottom of all the sources and you will see a More Sources section. Click the + sign in front of the source name to add it back.

Undo the removed source From Daily

🔍 Search Through The Sources

You can search through the sources list using the search section at the bottom of the sources list. Once you have the search results, you can remove, add the sources from that.

Remove Source From Daily

🌟 Request a New Source

We are asked this question a lot. That's why we have a dedicated post for this purpose. You can take a look at our post How to Request for A New Source on Daily? to learn how to do it.

🏷 Tags

Tags on Daily are automatically generated based on the content from the sources. If you are not seeing a tag in Daily, it is probably because there are not enough sources where content is produced with those tags. If you want, you can suggest more sources.

Tags are managed in a similar fashion to the sources. In order to access the tags, go to the sidebar, and click on the # symbol on top to switch to the tags list. Again, similar to the sources, you can select your tags, remove those tags, and search through the tags.

Daily Tags

➕ Select Your Tags

To select your tags, click on the + symbol in front of the tag name.

Daily Tags

🗑 Remove Your Tags

To remove your tags, click on the x symbol in front of the tag name under My Tags section.

Daily Tags

🔍 Search Tags

To search tags, use the search bar at the bottom.

Daily Tags

🙌 Wrap Up!

That's all you need to know in order to manage the sources/tags in Daily to personalize your feed.

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