🔍 How to Search for Articles on Daily?

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Searching was one of the most requested features at Daily. We introduced it in Daily last year in November and got an overwhelming response. You can read about it in detail here. 💯

🌟 Later, we also introduced Vim key bindings in the Daily. A big part of the update was making the search work without using the mouse. It worked out pretty well!

With all the updates, now you can quickly search for the articles in Daily. This guide will help you walk through it.

🔍 Search in Daily

Daily perform a super-fast search using Algolia. It searches the database against the entered query and also suggests auto-complete when a match is found. ⚡️

You can use this feature to search for:

  • 📟 A particular phrase
  • 📇 A specific article

Or whatever you'd like.

⌨️ Search Using the Key Bindings

Follow the quick steps below to search via key bindings:

  1. Hit Ctrl T or ⌘ B for Mac, to open a new tab.
  2. Hit tab to shift focus to Daily extension.
  3. Hit \ to open the search bar in Daily.
  4. Type your query and hit enter.

Search GIF

👨‍💻 Search without Using the Key Bindings

Look for the magnifying glass icon (🔍) on the top right section of Daily. Clicking on it will expand the search bar. Type in your query and you are good to go!

Note that the search functionality comes with the autocomplete feature.

🙌 Wrap Up

That's all about searching in the Daily. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Stay Safe. ✌️

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