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ICYMI: Recap of The Monthly Dev #1

ICYMI: Recap of The Monthly Dev #1
Nimrod Kramer
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What a fantastic event it was! Even though it was two days ago, we at team @dailydotdev are still excited! Don't worry, if you missed it as everything was recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

If you came here just to see the event that's fine! Here's a link to view the recorded session of The Monthly Dev #1


  1. Quick recap on the event
  2. The numbers behind the event
  3. Post-survey results
  4. The recorded session from YouTube
  5. The Monthly Dev #2

So what happened there?

The Monthly Dev turned to be a massive online event for developers. It surpassed our wildest dreams and it's all thanks to our amazing community!

We had three talks by awesome speakers:

  1. A RedwoodJS Getting Started Guide by David S. Price (Co-Founder at RedwoodJS)
  2. Navigating the Technical Interview by Sam Saccone (Staff Software Engineer at Google)
  3. RxJS & Reactive Programming Fundamentals by Ben Lesh (Software Engineer at Citadel & Author of RxJS)

The numbers

We nailed it! We could help nearly 7,000 developers in a single session of 1.5 hours ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Here are our target and actual metrics:

โญ๏ธ RSVPs: target 1,000 ๐Ÿ‘‰ actual 1,560
โญ๏ธ Attendees: target 500 ๐Ÿ‘‰ actual 6,992 (can't believe it!)
โญ๏ธ World-class speakers: target 3 ๐Ÿ‘‰ actual 3

What was the reaction from the crowd?

"It is a great platform to boost up knowledge."
"It was an amazing event and it's new thing for me moreover it helped me to learn something new so of course I will tell my friends about it .."
"Good range of topics covered and knowledgeable speakers. Questions handled well by the host. Of course, the Chrome extension is excellent - really useful."

Here are some results from our post-event survey:

Q: How would you rate the event?

Alt Text

Q: Speakers?

Alt Text

Q: Content Quality?

Alt Text

Q: Our team?

Alt Text

Q: How likely are you to attend another one of our events?

Alt Text

Go ahead and watch it on YouTube

The Monthly Dev #2 is just around the corner

In a few days, we will announce our speaker's line-up for The Monthly Dev #2! It will be held on February 23rd, 10 AM PST.

In the meantime, you can reserve your seat here:

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