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Image formats and Intro to Blitz.js - The Monthly Dev #2 Recap

Image formats and Intro to Blitz.js - The Monthly Dev #2 Recap
Nimrod Kramer
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Can't believe we're already in the second article in this series of #TheMonthlyDev recaps! The last event was so much fun and we're still pumped here at team @dailydotdev!

If you missed it this article is for you! Before going ahead we just want to tell you that our events are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Channel. If you came all the way here make sure you sub us to stay on top of what's happening

For those of you who are short in time here's a link to view the recorded session of The Monthly Dev #2 and The Monthly Dev #1

So what happened there?

For those of you who are reading about The Monthly Dev for the first time -- The Monthly Dev is a series of TED-like online events made with ❤ for developers. It's a monthly event where we all gather to learn something new and hear thoughtful ideas in tech. It's 100% free and open to everyone worldwide. Read more about why we started The Monthly Dev.

Every month that passes we see greater potential in The Monthly Dev. We already managed to gather awesome devs who come back to meet around this time of the month. We are thrilled for the future and we have a bunch of cool surprises upcoming in the next events.

The Talks 🎙

Picture perfect: image formats, and using them efficiently

Talk by Henri Helvetica - Freelance developer
Picture perfect cover image

After decades of having a quartet of image formats, 2020 was an inflection point in that we now have access to images with higher fidelity allowing for lower page weight. Picture Perfect is a look at what has been done to empower developers to be as efficient as possible in building w/ new and modern image formats, and how to use them efficiently.

View Picture perfect: image formats, and using them efficiently on YouTube

Build fullstack apps with Blitz.js in record time

Talk by Brandon Bayer - Creator of Blitz.js
Blitz.js talk cover image

Blitz.js is the Fullstack React Framework. It's heavily inspired by Ruby on Rails and is focused on making you as productive as possible. It's built on Next.js and adds all the missing pieces you need for building a fullstack app with a database. By far the biggest innovation of Blitz is the new "zero-API" data layer that abstracts away the API so you don't have to mess with REST or GraphQL APIs! And out of the box so many things are already set up like ESLint, Jest, and even a production-ready user authentication and authorization system! Brandon will cover all that and provide you everything you need to start using Blitz yourself.

View Build fullstack apps with Blitz.js in record time on YouTube

Go ahead and watch it on YouTube

The Monthly Dev #3 is just around the corner

In a few days, we will announce our speaker's line-up for The Monthly Dev #3! It will be held on March 23rd, 10 AM PST.

Stay tuned!

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