JavaScript Bot, SVG Generators, Building a Video Chat App - Picks #173

 Ido Shamun
JavaScript Bot, SVG Generators, Building a Video Chat App - Picks #173


5 Different Tools for Frontend Monitoring

👀 A side-by-side comparison of 5 front-end monitoring platforms. A short description of the major advantage of each platform is provided as well. The platforms that are mentioned are LogRocket, Datadog, Sentry, Azure Application Insights, and Rollbar.

JavaScript Bot

🤖 An open-source Telegram bot to test your knowledge of JavaScript basics. The post also explains how they created the bot using Telegraph.js.

SVG Generators

👩‍🎨 A list of so many tools that will help you create the perfect SVG. Most of them are generators of sorts. Animations, backgrounds, data visualizations, you name it.

Building a Video Chat App with Node.js + + WebRTC

📹 A complete demo of how to build a real-time video chat web application. It supports rooms and a live chat.

Build an API in Node.js using AWS, API Gateway, MongoDB, and Serverless

📝 Learn how to build a serverless API for a notes application. It goes through all the required steps and the nitty-gritty.

Create Pixel Effects with JavaScript and HTML Canvas

🎨 A new freeCodeCamp course that will teach you to create particle effects with nothing but JavaScript and HTML Canvas. You will learn how to manipulate pixels and even how to create interactive particle text.

Build Better React apps with Next.js

🐣 A getting started guide to Next.js

Ultimate React Resources

⚛️ A list with many useful resources for React developers. The list includes blogs, GitHub repos, e-books, and even real-world examples.

A fan-made, text-adventure Pokémon game in Python

👾 A spin-off to the classic Pokémon Red game written in Python. The project is open-source and hosted on GitHub.

20 Git Commands You Should Know

🧐 A list of Git commands you probably use daily.


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