⚛️ JavaScript Updates, React, VSCode, AI and More — Weekly Picks #114

Saqib Ameen
⚛️ JavaScript Updates, React, VSCode, AI and More — Weekly Picks #114


We are back again with the weekly picks of the last week. This time, the topics include JavaScript, AI, VSCode extensions, and material dashboard. So, let's jump into the list. ⚡️

1️⃣ Top 10 VS Code Extensions for Software Developers

In this post, Soham shared a useful list of VSCode extensions that you can use to improve your workflow. I am a big fan of VSCode extensions; they make development fun. Definitely worth checking. 🙌

2️⃣ What's the Difference Between a Junior and a Senior Developer?

This post was featured in our last weekly picks as well. I'll quote here what I said about it before:

It's a detailed post by Eric which discusses how different levels of software developers are classified and what is expected of them. Read this post to develop an understanding of different ranks and how you can quickly climb those levels. 💯

3️⃣ JavaScript News and Updates (January 2020)

This is a digest published by the team DHTMLX. In this digest, they shared some useful and fun JavaScript tools they bumped into. They have also shared some of the updates on DHTMLX. Worth a read. 🤞

4️⃣ AI Generated Human Photo Database (with API Access)

I saw this news at multiple platforms in the last week. It's a Database of AI-generated human photos. You can customize the images, download them, or use the API to fetch the images. Super cool, isn't it!? 💯

5️⃣ Take 'this' Quiz, Understand How 'this' Works in JavaScript

⚛️ As a JavaScript developer, we can all relate to how confusing this can be. It takes lots and lots of practice and experience to get used to it. Take this fun quiz, interact with others in the comments, and try to refresh your concepts.

6️⃣ 4 Things Vue.js Got Right

🚀 In this post at DZone, Anthony discusses the 4 things he believes Vue.js does in the right way. He talks about Focus, Flexibility, Simplicity, and Copying Competitors as the topics which he likes about Vue. Give it a read to learn more.

7️⃣ Top 6 Material Design Dashboards

Sometimes the cost of doing something from scratch is more than using a pre-built thing. The dashboard is a common example. This article contains a list of 6 ready-to-go material design dashboards that you can use in your projects. 🎨

8️⃣ Planning to develop an app like Snapchat? Here is all you need to know

In this piece, Patricia break downs different parts of Snapchat. She also talks about how it makes money and what goes behind building a similar app. Give it a read if you love the Augmented Reality (AR) in Snapchat. 🤳

9️⃣ Top 5 React Hooks on Github

🎯 If you use React Hooks, you will definitely need libraries that use React Hooks. This post list the top 5 React libraries that use Hook. So, if your favorite libraries haven't been yet updated to React Hooks, it's the time to look for some alternatives.

🔟 Vanilla Two-Way Binding in JavaScript

Two-way data binding is crucial for JavaScript applications. If you have used any of the JavaScript frontend frameworks — React, Vue, Angular — you must have used two-way binding. Have you ever wondered what goes behind it? Take a look at this post to learn. 🤞

🙌 Wrap Up!

This was all from the previous week. Let's know what you think of the trends this week in the comments below.

We will come back with another list of interesting development posts next week. Till then, peace! ✌️

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