Making Money with Code, Bootstrap 5, Is Docker Dead - Picks #179

 Ido Shamun
Making Money with Code, Bootstrap 5, Is Docker Dead - Picks #179


Developer vs. Programmer

🤔 A somewhat controversial question that got lots of engagement from the community. The author explains that there's a slight difference between a developer and a programmer. Do you agree?

Making Money with Code

💰 A podcast (plus the transcript) about all the ways you can earn money as a developer.

5 CSS Practices To Avoid as a Web Developer

😵 Usually, this sort of list just curates together well-known tips but this time they're pretty unique. Check it out to learn new CSS practices.

Front-end web apps and automatic architecture decisions

🧐 The author mentions that today's default choice for building a web app is going SPA. He highlights that there's another possibility, server-side-rendering, and compares the differences.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using React

🚫 Some of the mistakes mentioned here are pretty trivial but there are some gems as well. For example, number 5 reminds us that setState is async.

Bootstrap 5 - Stable release of worlds most popular framework - vanilla JS

🚀 Bootstrap 5 is here! No more jQuery and IE11 support which is incredible news. Check out the Product Hunt page for more details.


💫 Astro is not yet available but it's a new way to build websites. There's a demo video and a discord server for early access.

Vue Ecosystem

🪐 If you are unfamiliar with Vue, here's a review for you about the Vue ecosystem and its current state.

Netflix Drive

🗃 Netflix engineering shares their story of building a brand new cloud drive to support petabytes of data and files. It's a series of posts and this is the first part.

Is Docker Dead in the Water?

🙄 Justin shares his concerns about Docker's business model and its sustainability options.


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