Meet the HERN Stack, TypeScript 4.2, CSS4, 10 All-time favorite books - Picks #169

 Ido Shamun
Meet the HERN Stack, TypeScript 4.2, CSS4, 10 All-time favorite books - Picks #169


Another week has gone by and it's time for our weekly picks!

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Meet the HERN Stack, where everything is written in JavaScript

👋 HERN stands for HarperDB, Expressjs, React, and Nodejs. The new buzz is HarperDB which you might not be familiar with it. Check it out!

10 All-Time Favorite Programming Books - Must Read in 2021!

📚 I'm a books fan myself because I know that some knowledge cannot be shared through short articles or blog posts. Books provide you with a more in-depth understanding. Here are 10 books that will you help with your programming career.

When will we have CSS4?

🤷‍♂️ This article explains why you should not expect to see CSS4 and how CSS versioning works.

Introduction to Functional Programming

👩‍🏫 An introduction to JavaScript functional programming for beginners. The article covers terms like pure functions and high order functions.

Why JavaScript Developers Should Prefer Axios Over Fetch

🙃 I considered whether or not I should add this article to the list. This topic is very controversial. Eventually, I decided that the comments on the article are so valuable so check them out.

BFF Pattern (Backend for Frontend): An Introduction

🧐 The Backend for Frontend concept is very similar to an API Gateway. Read the article to understand the role of the BFF service.

Announcing TypeScript 4.2

🚀 A new TypeScript version is out! It's packed with some awesome new features.

The New React 17 JSX Transform

🤖 Did you know that since React 17 there is a new JSX Transform? You no longer need to import React for JSX. There's a new cool kid in town.

Getting in the habit of writing semantic HTML

🤓 Semantic HTML is important for various reasons. Accessibility and SEO to name a few. This article covers four bad practices in terms of semantic HTML.

Understand the Concept of JWT — JSON Web Tokens

😲 JSON Web Tokens are usually taken for granted by developers. Many of us don't actually understand how they work behind the scenes. Have a read to understand better one of the popular methods for authentication.


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