Memetoberfest 2022 - an open source meme contest by!

Graham Ritchie
Memetoberfest 2022 - an open source meme contest by!


An open source meme contest sponsored by, submit your best memes for a chance to win amazing one-off swag and a chance to be crowned "Master of memes".

We love Hacktoberfest here at, but we think it is missing something...memes!

So we have launched Memetoberfest!

An open source meme contest sponsored by!

Everyone can participate by raising a Pull Request (PR) in our Memetoberfest repository


  • Knowing what a meme is
  • Having a Twitter profile with open DMs where we can contact you


  • Please submit only memes related to software development
  • Do not submit Not Safe For Work (NSFW) memes
  • Do not submit offensive memes or memes that target a specific individual (we don't want to offend anyone)


The 10 best memes will get exclusive SWAG!

How to participate

Make a PR adding a row to the table in the repo with:

  • The meme image (or a link to it)
  • Your Twitter handle
  • Notes (optional - to explain how we can use this meme)

That's it!

If you are unsure how to edit a table in markdown. here is a quick guide on tables in markdown.

When will be the winners announced?

The winners will be announced on the 7th of November 2022.

Make sure you follow on Twitter to get notified about the contest results!


Hacktoberfest is a registered trademark of DigitalOcean. We would like to give them a huge shout out and credit for supporting the global open source community through the Hacktoberfest initiative! If you haven’t signed up yet, we highly recommend every developer to check it out 🙌


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