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Microfrontends, Confident React and Storybooking with Nx: The Monthly Dev #3 Recap

Microfrontends, Confident React and Storybooking with Nx: The Monthly Dev #3 Recap
Nimrod Kramer
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For those of you who are short in time here's a link to view the recorded sessions:

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So what happened there?

For those of you who are reading about The Monthly Dev for the first time -- The Monthly Dev is a series of TED-like online events made with ❤ for developers. It's a monthly event where we all gather to learn something new and hear thoughtful ideas in tech. It's 100% free and open to everyone worldwide. Read more about why we started The Monthly Dev.

Every month that passes we see greater potential in The Monthly Dev. We already managed to gather awesome devs who come back to meet around this time of the month. We are thrilled for the future and we have a bunch of cool surprises upcoming in the next events.

The Talks 🎙

Microfrontends: Seamless Experiences / Autonomous Teams

by Neil Giarratana - Senior Manager at Asurion
Microfrontends cover image

What do you do if you have several products developed by different groups in the organization, and you want them all to share a unified experience while maintaining each team’s ability to autonomously develop and progress its own product?
The magic of microfrontends is that they empower software engineering teams to iterate and innovate at scale while presenting a seamless user experience. They decouple monolithic front-end microexperiences in the same way that microservices decouple backend api’s (with many of the same challenges).

Watch Microfrontends: Seamless Experiences / Autonomous Teams on YouTube

Confident React

Talk by Kent C. Dodds - JavaScript engineer and teacher
Confident react cover image

We want to make sure that when we ship new code, our users can use the application. The best way we’ve found to do that is to write automated tests that run before we deploy a new version of the app. But if our tests aren’t doing exactly what the user will do, then how do we really know that things will work when users interact with our apps? Let’s rethink what it means to ship applications with confidence and what it takes to get there. With improved tools and practices, we can be more certain that what we’re shipping to our users will work the way it’s intended.

Watch Confident React on YouTube

Storybook your app with Nx

Talk by Katerina Skroumpelou - JavaScript Engineer at Nrwl
Storybook cover image

Storybook helps you build "UI components in isolation". Combined with Nx, you can have your UI libraries easily "browsable" and testable by your whole dev and UI/UX teams. Nx will give you the tools to generate, build, run, test and migrate your Storybooks across your apps and libraries. And this is something you don't want to miss.

Watch Storybook your app with Nx on YouTube

Go ahead and watch it on YouTube

The Monthly Dev #4 is just around the corner

Here's the speakers lineup for the next event:

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