Next-Gen CSS, OSS needs you, testing best practices - Picks #180

 Ido Shamun
Next-Gen CSS, OSS needs you, testing best practices - Picks #180


Our upcoming The Monthly Dev event is already next week. The lineup is superb and you know can't miss this free event. Quincy Larson will be there, will you?

Open Source Needs You

🚨 There are many open-source projects that are looking for contributors. This article will motivate you to do your first steps in the open-source ecosystem.

useQuery Instead of Fetch While Calling an API

👀 A very short introduction to React Query, the missing data-fetching library for React.

Getting started with Go for frontend developers

✨ An overview of Golang pros from the standpoint of a web developer.

Frustrating Design Patterns That Need Fixing: Birthday Picker

😡 "Design patterns" here means literally design patterns, as in UI and UX. The article covers what's wrong with current implementations of date pickers and how we can fix it.

Micro Frontends with Podium

🦠 Podium will help you to onboard the micro-frontend hype train. This article will help you build your first micro-frontend application.

Free Admin Template Built with React and Bootstrap4

👨‍💼 Although Bootstrap 5 is already out. Here's an incredible free resource for you. An admin template for your next project.

Stop Writing Ugly JavaScript Fetch Functions

🤪 A suggestion by the author on how to make your fetch calls looks better. It mostly involves using named functions instead of anonymous functions and making it DRY.

Next Gen CSS: @container

🤩 @container is going to revolutionize responsive design! It's a new CSS feature very similar to the famous media queries but this time it's relative to the parent element instead of the viewport. Read the article for more details.

JavaScript testing: 9 best practices to learn

😎 A great article with dos and don'ts with detailed explanations that will help you test like a pro.

Announcing TypeScript 4.3 RC

🚀 A new TypeScript is coming and it's got a new bunch of features you should check out.


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