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Next.js is turning 5. Join the celebration!

Next.js is turning 5. Join the celebration!
Delba de Oliveira
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Don't miss Next.js Conf on October 26, 2021. This virtual event features game-changing product keynotes, deep product demos, and unlimited ways to connect and learn from the Next.js Community. Speakers include Mahmoud Abdelwahab, Developer Advocate at; Kara Erickson, Senior Software Engineer at Google; and Segun Adebayo, Software Engineer at Scribe AI and creator of Chakra UI, among others.

Five years ago, Next.js was born and paved the way for a faster, more intuitive, and more freeing way to build for the web. Next.js Conf is a day dedicated to celebrating what we've accomplished as a community and opening the door for an even more exciting future for frontend development.

On October 26, join me and other Next.js developers as we block our calendars, mute our Slacks, and carve out a few hours to dive deep into the latest web tools and techniques. Here are three reasons you won't want to miss Next.js Conf (and if you're already convinced, claim your ticket here).

Witness the evolution of Next.js

At Vercel, the creators of Next.js, we're committed to continuously improving how you build for the web. And this year, we have some really exciting releases to show you.

Next.js Conf gives you a unique first look at the latest features—features that give developers more flexibility and visitors more personalized experiences. We'll show you how it all works so you can start leveraging these new tools right away. I know you'll love them.

Get inspired by developers doing cool things

I'm always in awe of the ways this community pushes the boundaries of the web to create better user and developer experiences. Next.js Conf is the place to hear those stories from developers all over the world. A few I'm particularly excited to hear from are:

Kara Erickson, Senior Software Engineer at Google

Working on Google Chrome's Aurora team, Kara is focusing on making the web fast by improving open-source frameworks. Before her most recent gig, Kara was the TechLead for the Angular framework team at Google.

Segun Adebayo, Software Engineer at Scribe AI and Creator of Chakra UI

Segun is a star in the open-source community (quite literally! He was recently awarded a Github Star!). And it's no surprise because one of his biggest contributions, Chakra UI,is a popular React component library that provides the building blocks to ship projects faster.

Mahmoud Abdelwahab, Developer Advocate at

Mahmoud is passionate about software development and the community. As aDeveloper Advocate, he teaches others about Prisma and how to use it, including how Prisma and Next.js work together.

Connect with the community

The best thing about the Next.js community is how everyone comes together to celebrate each other's accomplishments and learn from one another. There is no better place to do that than at Next.js Conf. Our Community Discord is an always-open environment for people to connect and collaborate—from Conf attendees and product experts to speakers and sponsors. But the chatter is the most fun when Conf is happening!

Our job board is a great place to connect with prospective employers or employees.With a community of excited, expert developers and innovative companies ready and waiting, it's a great place to make connections and find new opportunities.

And if you're looking for the right tool or service to supplement your ecosystem, the companies showcased at the Sponsor Expo are worthy of exploring. We only partner with companies that match our mission: to make the web faster.

Claim your ticket

As a developer, it's part of our DNA to question, push, and create. And you can't do that if you don't take the time to learn. I invite you to join me at Next.js Conf. Let's learn together how we can make the web faster for all.

Claim your ticket at

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