Notion API, Ethereum Development, WWDC21 - Picks #181

 Ido Shamun
Notion API, Ethereum Development, WWDC21 - Picks #181


Notion API

💡 Notion API is finally out! Chris shows how he adds Wufoo submissions to his Notion database using Zapier. Everything is automated.

Full Stack Ethereum Development - a Complete Guide

🤖 Nader teaches us how to build decentralized apps using React, Ethers.js, Solidity, and Hardhat.


🤪 Have you ever considered using JSON in your CSS stylesheets? It looks but and you may not need it but it's definitely cool to know.

A Neumorphism UI React component library

👩‍🎤 A new React library with over 50 components that are all based on neumorphism design trend.

Sublime Text 4

🔥 The first stable release of Sublime Text 4 is out. Check out the new features.

TypeScript - JavaScript with no surprises

An introduction to TypeScript and why you should consider it for your next project as an alternative to JavaScript.

Programming on your phone

📱 The article will walk you through setting up a Flutter development environment on your phone. Because not all of us can afford a laptop or a desktop.

Learn JavaScript - A Free 7-hour Interactive Tutorial

👨‍🎓 A new JavaScript course is out! It's built around 140 interactive challenges that will get you to code and save you from the tutorial hell.

A Free Admin Dashboard Template Built With Tailwind CSS And React

⚙️ Looking for an admin dashboard for your project? Look no further. Here's a free template built with Tailwind CSS for your React app.

And away we code

🍏 Apple's developers conference, WWDC21 takes off on June 7. Save the date and learn more in the link.


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