Perfect Score Portfolio, Flutter In 5 Days, WWDC21 - Picks #174

 Ido Shamun
Perfect Score Portfolio, Flutter In 5 Days, WWDC21 - Picks #174


Yesterday, we have opened the registration to The Monthly Dev #4. Hurry up and reserve your seat!

We have a wicked lineup:

  • Ella Sharakanski - GraphQL and When to Use It
  • Matteo Collina - A short intro to Fastify
  • Eldad Fux - Simplicity-Driven Development

VSCode Automations for Frontend Developers

🤖 A few VSCode extensions to automate frontend tasks.

How I Built My Perfect Score Portfolio Website

🚀 Learn what it takes to achieve 100 in Lighthouse. This article covers design, content, vanilla JavaScript, non-JS support, and more.

20 Best Places To Learn Programming For Free

📖 If you are looking to extend your coding skills, check out this list with some useful resources.

Create Your App With Flutter In 5 Days

📱 Learn how to get started with Flutter. This tutorial includes setting up a local environment, writing Dart code, and everything else that's necessary to build a complete application.

Announcing WWDC21

🍏 It's this time of the year! The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is 2 months away.

Vanilla JavaScript Code Snippets

📝 An impressive list of resources that will help you going old-school with vanilla JavaScript.


🎚 A catalog of over 20 toggle components implemented with HTML and CSS only. No JavaScript at all.

How to Build a Programming Project Step by Step

🐣 Starting a new project is always hard. Here are a few tips that will help you get the hang of it.

533 Million Facebook Users' Phone Numbers and Personal Data Leaked Online

🤯 The personal information has leaked and available for free on a popular cyber forum. Facebook is already involved with so many privacy concerns. This event does no good to them.

You want margin-inline-start

💡 margin-inline-start is a new CSS property that is used to set the margin according to the writing direction. There are a few more properties like this. Read the full article to learn how to use them.


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