React 18, Chrome 0-Day Bug, Redux Alternatives - Picks 184

 Ido Shamun
React 18, Chrome 0-Day Bug, Redux Alternatives - Picks 184


20 Developer Memes | You'll die laughing

😂 Good laughter will always make our day better. Here are 20 memes that will make you laugh out loud.

Useful Front-End Boilerplates And Starter Kits

⚙️ An extensive list of boilerplates for any purposes and platform. No one likes to start a project from scratch.

How to Review Code as a Junior Developer

🐣 Reviewing code is hard let alone when you are beginning your development career. This article will give you some tips on how to approach and ace code reviews.

New Chrome 0-Day Bug Under Active Attacks - Update Your Browser ASAP!

🙅‍♂️ Make sure to update Chrome but if you want to learn more about this security issue, give it a read.

The Plan for React 18

⚛️ React 18 is in the planning and there are some rad new features that are coming. I'm specifically excited about the automatic batching.

Lodash: Do What JavaScript Can't

💪 An introduction to Lodash, a utility library for JavaScript.

Introducing Odom: The Open UI Framework

✨ Odom is a new open source UI library. It aims to be very flexible and compatible with other libraries.

Exciting New Features of Next JS v10

Although Next.js 11 was announced yesterday, here's a recap of Next.js 10 in case you missed.

Redux Alternatives in 2021

🤔 If you are looking for a state management library for React and got tired of Redux, here's a list for you.

Unfreeze - Less typing, more coding

🥶 There's an irrational behavior these days to use images for code snippets in blog posts. These images are not accessible and it's not possible to copy their content. But Unfreeze is a new app that will transform the image to code!


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