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The Monthly Dev: World-Class talks free for everyone

The Monthly Dev: World-Class talks free for everyone
Nimrod Kramer
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After long weeks of hard work, we're excited to introduce you to our new series of monthly events. We call it The Monthly Dev 🌈

What's The Monthly Dev?

The Monthly Dev (TMD) is a series of online events brought to you by TMD is where we bring world-class speakers to empower the developers' community, once a month. Our events will cover hot topics that developers love such as:

  • Web performance
  • New libraries and frameworks
  • Job interviews
  • And more...

Here's a link to the first event.

Expert speakers

We aim to bring world-class speakers to empower our developers' community. The events are open and entirely free.

The Monthly Dev main poster

A RedwoodJS Getting Started Guide

Talk by David S. Price - Co-Founder at RedwoodJS

Post of A RedwoodJS Getting Started Guide

RedwoodJS is a full-stack, edge-ready framework built on React and GraphQL. Out of the box, it comes with code generators, first-class serverless deploy support, and tight integration between the frontend and backend. In this presentation, David will discuss the design and architecture choices that make Redwood so powerful. He'll then demo several features that highlight Redwood's delightful user experience. By the end, you'll have both the knowledge and inspiration to start your journey with Redwood.

Navigating the Technical Interview

Talk by Sam Saccone - Staff Software Engineer at Google

Poster of Navigating the Technical Interview

Technical interviews are fraught with ambiguity and unknowns, join Sam as he shares his learnings and recommendations on how to handle these unknowns and successfully tackle the tech interview process.

RxJS & Reactive Programming Fundamentals

Talk by Ben Lesh - Software Engineer at Citadel & Author of RxJS

Poster of RxJS & Reactive Programming Fundamentals

RxJS is one of the hottest libraries in web development today. We will walk through understanding reactive programming, the components of RxJS, common operators and Observables, and how to create an Observable from scratch.


The event will be live-streamed on January 26, 10 AM PST.

  1. Opening Remarks by Ido Shamun (Co-Founder, CTO at
  2. A RedwoodJS Getting Started Guide by David S. Price (Co-Founder at RedwoodJS)
  3. Navigating the Technical Interview by Sam Saccone (Staff Software Engineer at Google)
  4. RxJS & Reactive Programming Fundamentals by Ben Lesh (Software Engineer at Citadel & Author of RxJS)
  5. Cool surprise

The event will be held in English.

See you there!

Here's the link again, in case you've missed it:

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