Vite is too fast, Low-Code Tutorial, Closures and Decorators - Picks 189

 Ido Shamun
Vite is too fast, Low-Code Tutorial, Closures and Decorators - Picks 189


The Clean Code Book for Javascript Developers: A Quick Summary

🧼 “Clean Code” written by Robert Martin is a book that explains how to write readable code. This post summarizes the main concepts of the book while showing examples using JavaScript.

Vite is too fast!

⚡️ Vite is a build tool created by Evan You. Behind the scenes, it uses ESBuild which makes it super fast. Learn more about it.

Why software engineers choose Linux over Windows for programming

🤔 A few reasons why you should consider Linux for your next workstation.

10 CSS Tricks to Improve Your Next Coding Project (Cheatsheet)

😎 A list of fantastic useful CSS tricks. Check it out.

You Have to Know Closures to be a (Good) React Developer

🤯 Nice explanation about JavaScript closures and why they matter in React. Closures can cause a lot of confusion if you don't understand them right.

Understanding JavaScript decorators

🧐 Decorator is a powerful tool that can keep your code DRY. Use it with caution though, as it can make your code feels like a black magic.

Low-Code Tutorial - Build 3 Financial Apps

💰 Ania did it again and released a new free course on YouTube. This new course will teach you how to build applications with low-code platforms.

Migrating Facebook to MySQL 8.0

🤞 Migrating your database is never easy, let alone when you are doing it at Facebook's scale. The engineers of Facebook share some insights into upgrading their MySQL clusters.

Project-Based Learning Approach

🏋️‍♀️ This post will help you learn web development by doing. This is one of the most effective approaches to learn new skills.

Introducing a URL friendly unique identifier

🔥 Nano ID is a technique for generating IDs for your objects that are shorter than the common UUID solution. Learn all about it.


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