Vite + React, The Art of Comments, Top 5 Git Tips - Picks 186

 Ido Shamun
Vite + React, The Art of Comments, Top 5 Git Tips - Picks 186


How to Use Async/Await to Write Better JavaScript Code

🔥 Async/Await syntax is supported for a long time already in JavaScript. If you didn't have the chance to get a grip of it, check out this comprehensive article.

Introducing the new GitHub Issues

🚀 Last week GitHub launched a new preview version of GitHub Issues. It looks amazing and I can't wait to try it out.

Windows 11 announcement: Everything you need to know

🤓 News about Windows 11 is everywhere but in case you missed it. Here's a good chance to catch up.

How to design a system to scale to your first 100 million users

😎 This article covers the fundamentals of scaling. How do you scale, when you should consider it, and what are the different options.

The Art of Writing Code Comments

👩‍🎨 Comments are often overlooked and can improve the developer's experience. This article explains why we tend to skip writing comments and how we can do better.

In JS functions, the last return wins

🤘 This piece is awesome. I even laughed a bit when reading the practical section. It's well written and dives deep into a specific edge case in JavaScript.

Top 5 Git Tips & Tricks

🤯 I was pretty skeptical about this article before giving it a read. But there are some solid tips there.

How To Become a Hacker In a Year

🧑‍💻 If you are into hacking this article lays down the requirements and steps you have to take to be one.

Exploring Data @ Netflix

🤩 In this post the Netflix engineers share the challenges of exploring data at scale. And they even launched an open-source tool to help everyone with the same challenges.

What is Vite + React!

🤔 Vite is a new build tool by Evan You, the creator of Vue.js. Surprisingly, Vite is not bound to Vue.js, learn how to use it with React.


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