We have some EPIC PRIZES for you 🤩


A brand new ambassador program

If you’re part of the daily.dev community you probably already know how much we love giving free swag and prizes! We are doing our best to give back and show our love. It;s as simple as that!

For the past few months we used to run an ambassador program in which we gave free t-shirts every 48 hours. It was an awesome journey and so many of you participated and won!

Today we’d like to take the ambassador program one step further with a new concept we call the Monthly Prize! We simply want to revamp the game. So instead of giving away small prizes every other day we will give away an EPIC PRIZE, once a month. 

How does it work?

We got tons of feedback from you and we tried to implement everything. Primarily, we’ve tried to make the ambassador program simpler. So this time in order to participate you’ll only need to invite 5 friends. Once they register to daily.dev it will be counted as one referral.

Once our system verified that you brought 5 new friends you should expect an email confirming your participation. We may also include some surprises in this email for you so stay tuned ;)

When will we announce the winners?

The winner will be announced in our monthly event called The Monthly Dev. As you may know, we are meeting once a month to watch world-class talks by expert developers. Our events are entirely free and open for everyone, so that’s a great stage to give a shout out to the winner 🚀

Make sure you RSVP to the next event.


To access the new ambassador program you’ll need to update your browser extension to the latest version. However, since we are all about saving time here’s a direct link: https://daily.dev/monthly-prize


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