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What’s new on - Product Updates v.2.27.0

What’s new on - Product Updates v.2.27.0
Nimrod Kramer
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Some of you may have already noticed that we released new stuff recently, but anyway let’s recap on what’s new! We built some cool features that aim to make more fun to use!

Real-time trends 🔥

We developed a feature that constantly checks for trending dev news on the feed. Once it finds an article that got serious interest from the community it will raise an update. That can make it easier to spot the hottest news in real-time and never miss an important post!

Alt Text

Real-time interactions 🔆

The community has grown tremendously in the last few months. We thought it would be nice to show each other that we’re together in real-time. From now on new upvotes and comments appear on your feed in real-time.

Alt Text

Reading ranks 💎

We all care about creating good habits that help us improve every single day. That’s why we created a new weekly goal system that will help you to make sure you’re up to date!

The ranks are calculated on a weekly basis, from Monday to Monday.

Your rank will appear on the upper center of the feed. You can check your progress by clicking the rank itself.

Alt Text

Earned a new rank? 🌈

Let’s celebrate it together!

Alt Text

Your rank is also added to your profile 😇

Alt Text

Can’t see those features on your feed?

Make sure to update to the latest version of your extension (v.2.27.2)

Don’t forget to show us your rank by tweeting it and tagging @dailydotdev 🎸

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