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WWDC24: Everything you can expect from Apple's upcoming developer conference

WWDC24: Everything you can expect from Apple's upcoming developer conference
Nimrod Kramer
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Get a sneak peek into Apple's WWDC24 event with updates on software, potential new hardware, AI enhancements, and developer tools. Don't miss out on the big news!

Get ready for WWDC24, Apple's biggest event of the year, happening from June 10-14, 2024! Here's a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Key Dates: June 10th kicks off with an exciting opening show at Apple Park, followed by online sessions until June 14th.
  • How to Watch: Stream the keynote and sessions for free via Apple's website, the Apple Developer app, or YouTube.
  • Software Updates: Anticipate major updates for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS, with a focus on AI enhancements and better integration across devices.
  • Potential New Hardware: Keep an eye out for new Macs with M3 chips, and maybe even a new Apple TV or smart home gadgets.
  • For Developers: Expect new tools and resources in Xcode, updates to Swift, and more ways to leverage machine learning in your apps.

Whether you're a developer, a student, or an Apple enthusiast, WWDC24 promises exciting reveals and updates. Don't miss the big news on June 10th!

How to watch the WWDC24 keynote and sessions

You can watch the WWDC24 keynote and other sessions for free. They'll be shown on Apple's website, the Apple Developer app, and YouTube. You can watch on many devices like iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TV.

Here's how to watch:

  • On the web: Go to Apple's website or their YouTube channel to watch the keynote and other sessions.
  • On mobile: Get the Apple Developer app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It will show the WWDC24 livestream and let you watch session videos later.
  • On TV: If you have an Apple TV, use the Apple Developer app to watch WWDC24. The keynote and sessions will be available there.
  • What you'll need: You don't need to pay to watch. Just pick one of the above ways on a device that can connect to the internet.

On June 10th, Apple will probably talk about new software and products. From June 11-13, they'll give more details about what's new for developers.

Some tips:

  • Save the WWDC24 website link and add the streaming times to your calendar
  • Check your streaming setup on your devices before the keynote starts
  • Join discussions on Apple Developer Forums
  • Look at the session schedule before June 10th to plan what to watch

With these free ways to watch from different devices, you can easily follow WWDC24 even if you're not at Apple Park. Don't miss out on June 10th for the big news!

Software announcements and updates

At WWDC24, Apple will show off big updates for all the software that runs on its devices and tools for people who make apps.

iOS 18

We're expecting iOS 18 to be smarter, thanks to new AI stuff like better voice commands and typing help. You might get to move your app icons around more freely on your iPhone.

Other things we might see in iOS 18 include:

  • Better versions of apps like Messages, Maps, and Apple Pay
  • Improved ways to manage notifications and better multitasking on iPads
  • Easier ways to use your Apple gadgets together

iPadOS 18

For iPads, Apple might make it easier to do several things at once, like:

  • Opening more than one window of an app
  • Sorting apps better
  • Updating basic apps to use the big iPad screen better

These changes could make iPads better for work.

watchOS 11

For the Apple Watch, we might see:

  • New features for keeping an eye on your health and fitness
  • More options for people who need accessibility features
  • Better messaging and notifications
  • More third-party apps right on the watch face

The update will focus on making the Apple Watch even better for health and communication.

macOS 15

For Mac computers, Apple might add:

  • The same smart typing and voice features as iOS 18
  • Better use of Apple's own chips
  • Smoother switching between Apple devices
  • Updates to essential apps like Safari, Maps, and Messages

The goal is to make Macs work better with other Apple devices.

tvOS 18

For Apple TV, we're likely to see:

  • Better connection with other Apple devices
  • More gaming features
  • Updates to main apps like Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV+

Apple wants to make the Apple TV a better center for entertainment and smart home control.

Developer tools and resources

For app makers, Apple plans to offer:

  • New tools in Xcode
  • Updates to the Swift programming language
  • Better ways to use machine learning and create widgets
  • New online spaces for working together

These updates are meant to help developers create cooler apps for all Apple devices.

Potential hardware announcements

While WWDC is mostly about software, Apple sometimes shows off new gadgets that are important for people who make apps.

New Macs with M3 chips

Apple might show new Mac computers that use a brand-new type of chip called M3. These chips are supposed to make the computers faster and better at doing a lot of things at once.

We might see:

  • Mac Pro with really powerful M3 chips, making it super fast for things like video editing or creating 3D models.
  • Mac Studio with upgraded M3 chips, offering a big boost over the older versions.
  • Mac mini with M3 chips, making it a great, more budget-friendly option for a desktop computer.

The new M3 chips will make these Macs do things faster, handle tougher tasks without slowing down, and work more smoothly with apps that need a lot of brainpower.

Other potential hardware

Apple might also talk about:

  • A cheaper screen that works really well with their fancy Pro Display XDR.
  • A new version of Apple TV with an M3 chip for better watching and gaming.
  • New gadgets that make your home smarter and work better with Apple's smart home system.

But, the main focus will likely stay on the big software updates for Apple's devices.


Special highlights to expect

WWDC is a big deal for Apple fans and developers because it's when Apple shows off what's new. This year, everyone's excited because Apple is expected to talk a lot about AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. These are smart technologies that help devices like your iPhone or MacBook do things more cleverly.

Apple's approach to AI and machine learning

At WWDC24, it looks like Apple will share more about its big plans for AI. This means we might see:

  • Better voice commands and speech recognition on Apple devices, making them understand you better
  • New features that let your phone or computer see and understand the world around it, which could be great for games and apps that use your camera
  • Faster and more personal experiences on your devices, all while keeping your information private

Apple wants to show that it can be a big player in AI, making things that are not only smart but also easy to use and secure. This will also help developers make cooler apps that can do more things with AI.

Implications for developers

For people who make apps, WWDC24 is a perfect time to see what's new with Apple's software and how they can use it. With Apple focusing on AI and machine learning, developers have a chance to learn how to add smart features to their apps. This includes things like voice control, recognizing objects with the camera, and making apps that learn what you like.

Updates on augmented reality (AR) could also mean new ways to make apps that blend the digital and real world. And if Apple talks about new health tracking, there could be new chances to make apps that help people stay fit and healthy.

In short, WWDC24 is shaping up to be an exciting event for developers interested in making apps that are smarter and more useful. Apple's updates will guide not just what Apple devices can do, but also what app makers can create.

Participation: How to join in and get materials

If you're a developer or a student and want to be part of WWDC24, here's how you can do it, either by being there at Apple Park or by joining online.

For developers

Apple is giving developers a chance to be at the keynote on June 10th at Apple Park through a lottery system. Here's what to do:

  • Go to the Apple Developer website
  • Look for the WWDC24 Special Event page and click "Apply" by March 29th
  • If you're picked, you'll find out by April 5th

Developers can also watch all the WWDC24 videos, join labs, and talk on forums online without any cost. Just log in with your developer account on the Apple Developer app or the website.

For students

Students have a chance to join WWDC24 online and maybe even in person through the Swift Student Challenge. Here's how:

  • Make an interactive scene in a Swift playground
  • Send in your project by April 25th
  • If you win, you'll get online access to WWDC24 and might also get to go to Apple Park

Up to 350 students will be chosen, and 50 top winners will get an invite to Apple Park.

So, in short - developers can try their luck to be there in person, and students can show off their skills to get online access and maybe an invite to Apple Park. But everyone can watch the sessions and join in online with an Apple Developer account.

Conclusion: What to Expect from WWDC24

WWDC24 is a big deal for people who like Apple products and for those who make apps for them. It's happening from June 10-14, with the big news coming out on June 10th.

For anyone who's into Apple stuff, this event is like a sneak peek at what's coming next. We're expecting updates for all the Apple systems - like iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. These updates might make your Apple devices smarter and work better together. There might even be new gadgets, like faster Mac computers with something called the M3 chip. Some people are also excited about the possibility of seeing a new kind of headset from Apple named Vision Pro.

For people who build apps, WWDC24 is a chance to learn about new tools and features. This year, Apple seems really interested in AI, which means apps could get better at understanding what you say and what you want to do. This could lead to some really cool new apps that can do things we haven't seen before.

Basically, WWDC24 is when Apple shows off all the new stuff they've been working on. It's a big week for Apple fans and app makers because they get to see what's new and start thinking about how they can use these new tools and features.

In simple terms, WWDC24 is going to be a week full of new things for Apple lovers. It's when we find out what Apple has planned for the next year, and it gets everyone excited about what's possible with Apple's products and apps.

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