Content Guidelines

How do we evaluate new sources for Daily?

Submitting a new source to Daily is a great way to contribute to our community! We welcome your requests and we promise to give proper attention to each and every request. 

How does it work?

Step 1 - submit a new source using Daily browser extension (guide)

Step 2 - after submission of your source, team Daily will review it to decide if it’s suitable for the Daily’s public directory.

Step 3 - if the source is approved we will publish it on Daily to all of the users worldwide. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted via email on the results (usually it takes up to one week). 

Anyway, here are a few content guidelines to help you understand the logic behind the screening process:

What we are looking for?

  1. Relevant and updated professional content for developers
  2. Sources that are generating interesting content
  3. Sources that publish new content on a regular basis (at least once a week, unless it is extremely unique or really good stuff)
  4. Innovative topics and trends that will inspire our community members
  5. Good vibes

When will we reject a source request?

  • It is not publishing content for developers
  • It is a personal blog or if the source is meant for self-promotion only
  • It is not publishing content written in English
  • It was not active in the past three months or more
  • It doesn’t provide an RSS feed available to use
  • It includes content that is either illegal, pornographic (including mature in content or overtly sexual), racist, sexist (or otherwise offensive), grotesque (or obscene), inflammatory, and other inappropriate content.

❗️ Please note that we kindly ask you to not share copyrighted or trademarked sources. If the source you are submitting for review was not created by you, make sure it’s publicly accessible for sharing. We will give due credit to the owner.

Want to skip the screening process?

Well… Guess what? It is possible. Premium users can add a private source without a screening process. Learn more about upgrading your Daily account to Premium Plan here. At first, the new source will be added to your personal feed only. However, if we see an increasing number of users who added the same private source we might make it public as well. 

Some legal things...

Daily Dev Ltd does not claim ownership or copyright to any of the submitted sources. If a copyright infringement claim is made regarding the submitted source, the content will be removed and the submitted user might be blocked from future submissions. Read more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.