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Questions and answers 🧐

How do you choose the winner? When do you announce?


We are randomly selecting the winner at the end of every round. The chances are equal for everyone who brought 5 friends or more. However, we do offer an option to boost your chances of winning. Instructions about how to boost your chances will be sent over after you receive a confirmation email of your eligibility to participate.

The winner will be announced at the next The Monthly Dev event. It will be live streamed during the event itself so make sure you RSVP to reserve your seat.

How many times can one person win?


We want to be fair toward all of our community members. Therefore, every member can win the monthly prize one time only.

I invited friends, but my referral count didn’t go up. Why?


Every friend you invite has to install the daily.dev browser extension using your unique referral link. If they already had the daily.dev browser extension installed before you asked them, it will not count. Additionally, if your friends install the extension through the Chrome Store for mobile, the count might not go up as well.

Please note: we applied anti-abuse mechanisms. We made it to ensure that it's a fair game. In case we spot suspicious activity, it might lead to a ban and disqualification of this user from participating in our current and future ambassador programs.

My referral count has changed. What happened?


Since our previous ambassadors' program, we've got plenty of feedback regarding how our community wants us to run the program. That meant a complete redesign of the program with better prizes and lower threshold for participation. If you see a difference in your referral count, it is due to the recent changes.

Still need help?


For any inquiry please email us at support@daily.dev and we'll do our best to be helpful.