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🔥 What's Hot in Web Development? — Weekly Picks #103

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We are back with the most trending posts of the week at Daily. Continue reading to know what was popular among the developers in the past week.

1️⃣ 10 HTML5 Hacks Every Web Developer Should Know

A list of some great HTML5 tips to level up your web development game. These hacks will allow you to build performant sites with better user experience. Fun fact, I was not aware of a few items on the list — don't miss this one! 🔥

→ 10 HTML5 Hacks Every Web Developer Should Know

2️⃣ JavaScript ‪Module Cheatsheet 📄‬

A precise and complete guide on JavaScript modules import/export by Samantha Ming. I love her small tutorials on Instagram — to the point and super useful. Probably you need to bookmark this one for future reference. 🤞

→ JavaScript ‪Module Cheatsheet 📄‬

3️⃣ Why Using Node.js for Developing Web Applications Makes Perfect Sense

🤔 Struggle to select the right language for your next project? Read this article to know why using Node makes sense and where you can use it.

It takes a deep dive into the advantages of using Node, like scalability, V8 Engine, community, and learning materials. 💯

→ Why Using Node.js for Developing Web Applications Makes Perfect Sense

4️⃣ 11 Top React Developer Tools for 2020

Love React!? Check this handpicked list of React developer tools to know what options you have and how can you leverage them to make most out of React. 🚀

In this list, Fernando Doglio covers a range of development aspects including debugging, publishing, IDE extensions, CLIs, visualization, and whatnot. Probably, one of the most comprehensive lists of tools that you should know about.

→ 11 Top React Developer Tools for 2020

5️⃣ How I built my first Progressive Web App (PWA)

Are you a beginner in the realm of building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) having no idea where to start? Check out this post by Silvestar Bistrović on why and how he created a PWA for his personal website? 🥂

→ How I built my first Progressive Web App (PWA)

6️⃣ Software developer in Japan

🍭 This article is rather different than the others in an interesting way. Aleksandra Puchta starts with perks of remote work and shares the story of the two software developers who recently visited Japan to meet one of their clients.

They shared some interesting observations and lessons from their trip. If are curious about Japan or want to know about their trip, this piece is for you.

→ Software developer in Japan

7️⃣ PHP vs NodeJs vs GoLang

Another interesting read of the week — PHP vs Node.js vs GoLang. It's not about rather you should use a language or not, rather, it's about when you should use which language. That's the crux of this piece; read to know more. 👨‍💻

→ PHP vs NodeJs vs GoLang

8️⃣ The First 10 macOS Apps I Install in 2019

This is one of my favorite reads of the week by John Papa. In this post, he shared a list of the first 10 macOS apps that he installed on his new MacBook Pro 16". Also, he shared a bonus list of the applications he uses to stay productive.

I would recommend checking out the list if you want to know about some cool macOS apps to boost your productivity. 🎯

→ The First 10 macOS Apps I Install in 2019

9️⃣ CSS 3D

📦 One of the cool posts of this week — building 3D objects using CSS. It's an in-depth article with code snippets and screenshots to guide you through the process of building 3D objects using CSS. If you're curious about 3D objects, or just want to see what you can do with CSS, check it out.

→ CSS 3D

🔟 Top 6 Material Design Dashboards

🤔 Are you a fan of Material Design? This curated list contains material design dashboards for Vue, Angular, React, and more. If you want to pick a template for your next project, do take a look!

→ Top 6 Material Design Dashboards

🙈 In Case You Missed It

This is a special section for this week, featuring the posts we published at Daily! This week, we shared two blog posts that you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

  1. 🚀 The Journey of Launching Daily — The Developer's New Tab — A detailed post on our journey of launching Daily and some amazing facts!

  2. ⚡️ Making Most Out of GitHub Templates — A quick post about GitHub templates to improve your workflow on GitHub.

🙌 Wrap Up!

That's all folks for this week! Hopefully, we will come back next week with another set of interesting development posts. Till then, peace! ✌️

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