Goodbye Premium
First of all we’d like to deeply thank you for trusting us by upgrading your account to the Premium plan. We’ve had big dreams for this plan and we’re sure you had ones too. Unfortunately, today we would like to let you know that we will be taking it down in the coming weeks. 

Below we’ve prepared some key Q&A we thought would be useful at this stage. However, feel free to contact us at any time if there’s something not clear or anything else. 

Why are we taking down the premium plan? 

Roughly one year ago we launched a Premium tier for The idea behind it was to provide super powers to our most enthusiastic community members. The premium features were awesome, but unfortunately today we are announcing that we are about to take them down. 

Like many other bootstrapped businesses, we have very limited resources to deliver new features that the community wants and to support the existing ones. That means we cannot avoid making tough calls on priorities. 

From time to time we analyze which features are useful and which ones need improvement. However, in some cases we realize that we might have been completely wrong about something. Although it’s hard to admit, the premium plan is one of those cases and it did not deliver as much value as we expected. 

After spending much time and thought on whether or not we can make the premium plan work, we decided to take it down. We might come back with a completely renewed premium plan in the future, but for now we will focus our efforts mostly on growth (with monetization via ads only).

When will it happen?

Today we sent the first notice to our current premium users letting them know that it will be taken down. We still don’t have an exact date but it will happen in the coming weeks. We’ll update again once there’s a final date.

Will we provide refunds?

The basic answer is yes, but it depends. Depends on what? On your billing cycle:

For monthly billed users

For those of you who chose to pay on a monthly basis we will cancel your auto-renewal once there’s a final date to take down the premium plan. That means that your Premium plan will be available for one month or less once we announce the final date. 

For annually billed users

For those of you who chose to pay on a yearly basis we will provide a refund on the relative period that you will not be able to use the Premium features. 

For example: if you started using the Premium plan in January 2021 and the Premium plan will go down in September 2021 you will be refunded for the relative value that you paid for 3 out of 12 months of your plan. 

How to prepare?

For those of you who use our Premium features we highly recommend that you make some preparations. Before we start, if you’re a Premium user and you need help or any kind of assistance, our team will be there for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at

1. Bookmark lists

Although the bookmarks feature is here to stay, lists will be removed. That means that if you kept posts organized under specific lists we highly recommend that you keep it in an alternative bookmarking tool that allows you to keep links in lists. There are a few options that can get this job done for you like or Pocket. 

Once we take down the Premium plan your bookmarks won’t disappear. They will all be merged into one bookmark list. So if you care about the order of your bookmarked links please make sure you save it.

2. Private sources

If you’ve been using the private sources feature please be aware that once we take down the Premium plan we will no longer be able to collect articles coming from private sources. The articles that were already collected will remain untouched in our database.

3. Integrations and RSS feeds

Although this was one of our favorite features it will be taken down as well. There’s not much you can do to prepare. However, if you used the premium RSS feeds for some mission-critical tasks you may want to start thinking about finding an alternative since we will not support it any further. 

4. Ads-free

At the moment our plan is to remove the Premium plan completely. That means we will have to maintain our business through ads only. We constantly do our best to make the ads experience smooth, ethical, and relevant for developers. However, we will no longer provide an ads-free version of

Still have a question?

Feel free to reach out at and our team will be happy to help.