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How to submit a Guest post to our blog? 🐥

Welcome 👋🏼 is a community of developers getting together around discovering and exploring dev news. We are so happy to see you interested in taking an active part in the quest to empower developers' professional growth worldwide.

Before you start 🙏🏼

First, we want to sincerely thank you for showing interest in submitting a story to That’s it. Now we can move on.

In this post, we will outline the steps required to have your guest post be published on blog, as well as other publications and social media. Please read it carefully before submitting a draft for review.

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Why should you submit a guest post? 🎁

Here are some of the benefits of submitting a guest postto

  • We will publish your guest post on's
  • Your guest post will be featured on the browser extension feed (😱). It means that +100K developers from all over the world will have the chance to be exposed to your story every time they open a new tab on their browsers.
  • We will share your story on’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn social media official accounts. 

Additionally, we encourage you to share your story on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, and be sure to tag @dailydotdev so we can help you promote.

How to submit a guest post 🤔

  1. Prepare a draft of your story on Google Docs. Your draft should include a cover photo, link to download the cover photo, short description (up to 200 characters), and 3-5 tags. Important: make sure that your Google Docs draft has "edit" permissions to anyone who uses the shareable link. 
  2. Click on the button "SUBMIT YOUR STORY" below. We will walk you though from there.
  3. After you submitted the form, our team will review your story. We commit to giving you the first feedback within 10 days. Since we care about content quality, we might be in touch with you to fine-tune your story to maximize it’s potential. 
  4. If your story is approved,  we will publish your post on (which means your post will be featured on the browser extension). 
  5. Well done! Now it’s time to share your story with the world.
  6. In case you experience any issues with submitting your story, please email us at

How we review and select guest posts 🤓

The review is simple and straightforward by design. We made it that way to reduce the burden for our contributors yet ensure a high standard for our community. In short, our readers appreciate stories that are: 

  • Unique and relevant ideas for developers of all kinds
  • Well-written in English
  • Not promotional

As long as your story follows the above guidelines, it should pass our review.

Additionally, since is listed in the exclusive source list of the browser extension, we are committed to lead by example and to follow our content guidelines strictly. That means that every single post we publish on our blog must comply with those guidelines as well. 

Is your draft already published somewhere else?

Please note that if your post was already published on your blog or any other magazine it will be automatically rejected. We only accept new and original posts for

How to format your draft before submitting it for review 📑

Every draft submitted must use basic Markdown to write and format the syntax of your story. It is the way for our blog platform to identify how you intended to format your story. In case you’ve written for other blogging platforms, you might already be familiar with Markdown syntax. 

In case Markdown is entirely new to you or if you want to learn about it, check out this cheat sheet. Anyway, we’d be glad to support you in the writing process. In case you couldn’t find an answer in this Markdown guide, please contact our support. Important Note: Make sure you contact us for Markdown issues only after you’ve already finished writing and polishing your story. 

What must be included in Google Docs draft💌

Your article must include:

  • Title
  • Cover Image. You can make your own or buy one. Otherwise, please pick an image from either: PexelsPixabay, or Unsplash.
  • Link to download the cover image
  • Post body in Markdown
  • 3-5 relevant tags

Writer tips and tricks to help you kickstart your writing

There are tons of valuable guides on this topic around the web. However, we wanted to make it easier for you to find the good stuff. We made our collection of tools and articles on how to write stories for developers that can go viral. 

Why writing for software developers makes a difference

There are many reasons why we can fill a whole blog post about it. We don’t want to overwhelm you with too much content. We just want to emphasize that writing and publishing content is essential for every software developer’s professional growth. 

We’ve gathered some articles that explain this point well, in our opinion.

Some legal stuff made simple

Your stories stay yours. We will never claim ownership of them. We simply request a right to use and publish them, once reviewed and selected. At any time, you can cross-promote them wherever you want and at your own free will. In fact, we will be more than happy to see you spreading valuable content for as many developers as possible. It is what stands for. One last point to note is that there is no option to change the canonical URL for posts published on our blog.

In other words, stories accepted on have and will be shared under a non-exclusive license, where content ownership remains with the contributing writer. is granted the right to edit, publish, and distribute the story in any of its publishing platforms. 

Feeling like you still need more information? Please read the complete terms of service or contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a draft?


You definitely reached the right place. Please check the complete guide above. The instruction you are looking for is under the title "How to submit a story."

How long will it take you to review my draft?


We are committed to providing the first feedback within 10 days from your submission (assuming that you followed the instructions above). However, the process until your article is published might take a bit longer as we will make minor edits and suggest some changes to maximize your story's potential.

Can I republish my post on


We are not accepting posts that were published elsewhere in the past (even if they were originally written in other language than English).

If your post was already published on your own blog or any other magazine it will be automatically rejected. We only accept new and original posts for

Do I need to pay to get published? (Hint: definitely no)


Definitely no. We are selecting stories based on their quality and relevance to our developers' community. Paid posts are not welcome since we want to empower our community and provide an equal chance for writers to share their ideas. 

We do offer some advertising package, but not in our blog. Suppose you're interested in advertising in browser extension, please check the self-serve page.

Are there things I should be careful about when I write?


If you intend to provide real value to other developers in our community, there's nothing you should be careful about. However, please note that as we genuinely care about the content quality, we will reject a story in the following cases:

  • It is not publishing content for developers
  • It is for self-promotion only
  • It is not in English
  • It includes material that is either illegal, pornographic (including mature in content or overtly sexual), racist, sexist (or otherwise offensive), grotesque (or obscene), inflammatory, and other inappropriate content.

Please note that we kindly ask you not to share copyrighted or trademarked sources. If you did not create the story you are submitting for review, please refrain from submitting it.

Will you put ads on my posts' pages?


No. We will never place ads on your story’s page in

Can I promote my business or brand on


The blog doesn’t allow for paid promotions. We promote content based on its quality and relevance. However, we do offer the option to advertise on our browser extension. If you’re interested in it, please check out the self-serve page