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Every 48 hours, we will give away a free premium t-shirt!
To participate, invite your friends with your referral link below. Your referrals will stay valid for unlimited rounds.
The ambassador with the highest referral count at the end of the round will win a t-shirt! Leaderboard below.

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Questions and answers ๐Ÿง

Do I need to invite a friend every 48 hours to participate? (Hint: No)

No. Once you invited one friend, youโ€™re automatically taking part in the ambassadorโ€™s program for an unlimited amount of rounds. Your referral count will not reset every 48 hours so that you can have a fair chance to reach 1st place over time. To win, keep accumulating referral points until you reach 1st place!

How do you choose the winner? When do you announce?

The user who reached 1st place at the end of every round will automatically win a free t-shirt! Check the leaderboard to see the current status. One person can win one time only (see next question).

If you won, youโ€™d receive an email notification with the details required to claim your free premium t-shirt.

How many times can one person win?

We want to give equal chances to all of our users to get a free t-shirt. Therefore, every user can win a free t-shirt one time.
If you reached 1st place and won a free t-shirt, you will no longer be part of the leaderboard. However, we will not reset your referral count since it's your credit, and you might be able to use it to participate in future giveaways.

If I win, can I choose the size and color of the t-shirt?

Yes! We will offer several sizes and colors of the t-shirt to customize it according to your style.

I invited friends, but my referral count didnโ€™t go up. Why?

Every friend you invite has to install the daily.dev browser extension using your unique referral link. If they already had the daily.dev browser extension installed before you asked them, it will not count.

Please note: we applied anti-abuse mechanisms. We made it to ensure that it's a fair game. In case we spot suspicious activity, it might lead to a ban and disqualification of this user from participating in our current and future ambassador programs.

My referral count has changed. What happened?

Since we first launch the ambassadors' program, we've got plenty of feedback regarding how our community wants us to run the program. Primarily we now have a transparent leaderboard. That meant we had to make specific changes to the referral count method. Mainly to prevent abuse and make the program fair for everyone. If you see a difference in your referral count, it is due to the recent changes.

If you feel that there's a severe mistake on our side, please contact us at hi@daily.dev, and we'll run a manual check.