Building micro-frontends, improve your programming skills, and a free Apple Watch - Picks #175

Building micro-frontends, improve your programming skills, and a free Apple Watch - Picks #175
 Ido Shamun
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Yesterday we launched our new Ambassadors Program.
This is your chance to win a new Apple Watch for free.
Every month we will choose a new epic prize! 🎁

Roadmap to Full-Stack Development

🛣 An introduction to some basic terms in the full-stack domain and what it means to be a full-stack.

💻 Documentation as code

📝 Documentation as Code is the most persistent method to keep your documentation updated. Learn the principles behind this new concept.

Building Microfrontends Using Single-SPA Framework

🔬 Learn the main concepts of Single-SPA and how to build your first micro-frontend application.

Developer Tools to make your life easier

🙌 A list of 8 platforms and tools for everyday use as a developer.

8 JavaScript Tips & Tricks That No One Teaches 🚀

🧑‍🎓 8 useful JavaScript code snippets.

Building the Future of Our Desktop Apps

🏗 Spotify R&D shares the story of unifying the web player and desktop application. It includes the technical and organizational challenges and the opportunity in merging the codebase.

How to improve your programming skills in 2021 [The Full Guide]

🔥 A complete guide for software developers with practical tips on how to improve their skills. It even covers aspects such as mental side implication, taking part in the developers' community, and more.

Top 7 Best Books to Learn React JS

📚 If you want to get into React and you love reading books, check out this list. Please note that some of them are not updated.

Frontend Toolkit - Dashboard for your recurring Frontend tasks

👾 A newly launched product for frontend developers. It provides easy-to-use utilities such as formatting JSON, optimizing images, and more.

Why you should use an Electron alternative

🙅‍♂️ Electron is a framework for building cross-platform desktop applications. This article presents a few lightweight alternatives to use instead of Electron which is pretty heavy.

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